Best Wireless Backup Camera 2019 (Review) – Buyer’s Guide

Best Wireless Backup Camera rear view system best rear view cameraI hope you will agree with me when I say that no driver likes to crash into people or objects while reversing. Scratches, the damage, and expenses are a no no.  A car owner also wants something easy to install and that is why I want to show you the best wireless backup camera.

A wireless backup camera also known as a rear view camera (reversing camera) is a unique type of video camera that is normally fixed on the rear of a car to help people reverse their car by eliminating the rear blind spot.  It is usually meant to prevent backup collisions. This is an essential gadget for people who experience some difficulty reversing their vehicles, especially when parking in tight spots.

A wireless backup camera is an outstanding type of reverse camera that does not require the use of cables but

Pearl RearVision Wireless Backup Camera
Pearl RearVision Wireless Backup Camera

rather functions remotely. Some of these wireless cameras sync directly with one’s phone eliminating the need for an extra display device. With a wireless backup camera, you can now see behind your car and get alerts before you hit an object. It is time to avoid the killing zone.

If you are looking for the best wireless backup camera for your vehicle at any cost as long as you don’t get any disappointments, I recommend Pearl RearVision Wireless Car Backup Camera. This backup camera system also doubles up as an obstacle alert system. It seamlessly integrates into your vehicle’s license plates (American Standard Plates) and thus suitable for both cars and trucks. Pearl is solar-powered. It is very simple to install and takes about 15 mins with no pro shop required nor altering your car’s electrical system or carpet. No messy monitors but just a small magnetic phone mount on your dashboard. It has a phone app which syncs one’s phone with the wireless camera.

This best backup camera offers quality images both during the day and at night (infrared HD camera). Has adjustable camera views from super-wide to normal views. This is achieved by tilting 140 degrees to the right and left. I tested it on a convertible with a large blind spot where backing up was previously like engaging in a game of Russian roulette. It has a 30-day full refund policy but you won’t be returning this baby. You will get what you pay for. Check the current price of Pearl RearVision on Amazon on the image below or by clicking HERE.

If you are looking for an affordable wireless backup camera with a moderately good performance that will meet most of your needs, I recommend the AUTO VOX Wireless Backup Camera Kit. This bestwireless backup camera comes with a rear view mirror that fits on your existing mirror and acts like a 4.3” monitor when one engages the reverse gear. The monitor’s brightness is adjustable and it shows guide lines too. Wide viewing angle at 170 degrees. It has 6 bright automatic LEDs which also enhance night vision. It comes with a 2.4 G transmitter. This best best wireless camera is IP 67 waterproof and you don’t need to be worried about rain or splashes. The monitor and transmitter are charged from the car’s cigarette lighter while rear view camera is charged from the power source for the brake light. It is pretty easy to install and no drilling required but one might require some help. It is not as straight forward as the Pearl RearVision. The only shortcoming noticed is glare on the monitor during the day which calls for adjusting the mirror’s angle for better viewing. Check the current price of Auto Vox on Amazon on the image below or by clicking HERE.

If you are looking for a long range and sturdy wireless backup camera for a truck, camper, van or truck, I recommend the LeeKooLuu Backup Camera Wireless (LKL-00108). LeeKooLuu has a range of 100 ft. The viewing angle is 150°.  It comes with a 7” display monitor. It’S IP68 waterproof and has night vision capability. This wireless backup camera is also quite cheap. It rotates through 360 degrees for proper positioning. This is a heavy duty backup camera system suitable for doing the dirty job for you. Check the current price of LeeKooLuu Backup Camera Wireless (LKL-00108) on Amazon on the image below or by clicking HERE.

I also tested another cheaper (below 40 USD) model with a moderately good performance. Check out the ZSMJ Wireless Backup Camera below. This emerged to be the 4th best wireless backup camera. This is the wireless rearview camera for people who are on a very tight budget yet they don’t mind working with something having a moderate performance. Check the current price of ZSMJ Backup Camera Wireless on Amazon on the image below or by clicking HERE.

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I happen to be a graduate mechatronics engineer from a top university. I possess vast knowledge and experience in analysing, standard testing, and reviewing gadgets, devices, and gizmos. You may also check my review of the best dash cams for your car in the world.

Best Wireless Backup Camera Reviews

In this review, I set out to find out the best wireless backup camera worth taking peoples’ money. I did an intensive research to find the most recommended video backup cameras. I did not stop, I purchased the wireless backup cameras, subjected them to standard testing and then chose only the best.

Table Showing the Best Wireless Backup Cameras

Wireless Backup CameraImageViewing Angle (Degrees)Obstacle AlertPrice
Pearl RearVision
Pearl RearVision Wireless Backup Camera
Pearl RearVision Wireless Backup Camera
Check Price on Amazon
Auto Vox Wireless Backup Camera
Auto Vox Wireless Backup Camera
Check Price on Amazon
LeeKooLuu Wireless Backup Camera
LeeKooLuu Wireless Backup Camera
Check Price on Amazon
ZSMJ best Wireless Backup Camera REAR VIEW CAMERA
ZSMJ Wireless Backup Camera
Check Price on Amazon

1. Pearl RearVision – Best Wireless Backup Camera

The Pearl RearVision Wireless Car Backup Camera is one of the best and premium backup cameras in the market today. This is a license plate backup camera. This rear view camera is made by guys who were previously working at Apple and of course, you know what to expect in such a case. They (Pearl Automation) succeeded in making a top-notch intelligent backup system that comes with two wireless HD cameras, a phone mount, and car adapter. This sophisticated technology is very easy to use and almost anyone can install it. This is definitely the best wireless backup camera for the money.

Pearl RearVision Wireless Backup Camera
Pearl RearVision Wireless Backup Camera

This solar powered backup camera system also acts as an obstacle detection and alert unit and you will not hit anything anytime soon. The two wireless HD cameras are waterproof and can be adjusted up to 145 degrees. The cameras have an outstanding video quality as well as clarity. The picture obtained through this backup camera is comparable to what is produced by top notch video doorbells. The videos are streamed in real time to the phone through the iOS android app. The app is well designed and user-friendly. The app also automatically switches on when the phone is placed on the magnetic mount.

Features and Specifications of Pearl RearVision

  • Two wireless HD cameras fixed on a solar-powered frame

    Pearl RearVision Wireless Car Backup Camera
    Pearl RearVision Backup Camera and Phone as Display
  • Obstacle detection and alert system (audio and visual)
  • Waterproof aluminum body
  • Customizable views (wide and super-wide controllable views)
  • Viewing Angle 175 degrees
  • Allows pivoting camera 140 degrees left or right
  • Magnetic phone mount with both dash and vent mounts
  • Free phone app for Android and iOS
  • Portrait and landscape views on the phone
  • Night vision
  • Small and large magnetic plates to stick on the phone
  • Locking tool

I tested the Pearl RearVision camera under different light conditions. Apparently it provides splendid clarity in low-light conditions due to its high-quality infrared HD camera. This backup camera can be transferred from one vehicle to another very easily since no cables or batteries are involved.

This wireless backup camera also blends perfectly with the license plates and people can rarely notice that you are using technology to help you back up your car. You know how people can be judgmental at times (reminds me of a video where some pricks were filming a lady who could not park for like 30 mins and laughing it off). Avoid such embarrassments and get yourself this top-notch Pearl RearVision wireless backup camera. This camera is also theft resistant due to its blending in and unique fixing screws.The camera and its frame acts as a transmitter and your phone as your transmitter.

My Take: The Pearl RearVision Wireless Backup Camera is definitely the best wireless backup camera in the market for now. It can be viewed as the ‘Iphone of backup cameras’. The need for a wireless backup camera is ease of installation and this this the easiest of all. There are no cables involved. You will just need the camera and your phone to get going. This rear view camera also has wide field of view. It also detects when one gets too close to an object and sets of an alarm. It is waterproof charged by solar energy. The only shortcoming is that one has to pair it with their phone which might be inconvenient for some people but for me it was ok. This is a pricey option but it is worth every penny because it does not come with any hidden costs such as other models.

Check the Current Price of Pearl RearVision Backup Camera on Amazon Click Here

2. AUTO VOX – Its Display Doubles as a Rear View Mirror

This wireless backup camera has an inbuilt Bluetooth capability for hands-free operation.  The AUTO-VOX wireless backup camera is ideal for reversing a car undd various light conditions.  The package has the rear view camera with fixings for the number plate, rear view mirror cum monitor, some cables for power, and the transmitter. It is a great backup camera wireless at such a low price. It emerged to be our second best wireless backup camera.

Auto Vox Wireless Backup Camera
Auto Vox Wireless Backup Camera

The AUTO-VOX wireless rear view camera derseves to be the second best wireless backup camera. This backup camera system also acts as a normal rear view mirror which transforms into a universal 4.3 inch LCD monitor once one engages the reverse gear. It has an amazing viewing angle at 170 degrees which covers a decent area behind any vehicle.  This backup camera also has a variant which has a dash cam too, the AUTO-VOX M3 acts as both a Car Reverse License Plate Backup Camera as well as a dash cam.


Click here to take a look at the price and more reviews of Auto-Vox RVS-T1000 on Amazon

I tested the Auto-Vox wireless back-up camera on a Nissan GTR and it fitted perfectly on the license plates. The backup camera produced a high resolution 720 by 480 image on the monitor showing many details. The rear view camera is IP68 waterproof and performs well in rain and splashes. I did not notice any condensation in the lens after driving in the rain. This is a leading reverse camera and among the best wireless cameras for one’s bucks.

Features and Specifications of AUTO VOX

  • Wide viewing angle-170 degrees

    Auto Vox Wireless Backup Camera
    Auto Vox Wireless Backup Camera and Accessories
  • IP 68 waterproof
  • Wireless transmitter
  • 6 bright LEDs- 26 lumens
  • Night vision
  • Rear view mirror and monitor
  • Automatic on engaging reverse gear
  • High resolution 720 by 480 images

The Auto Vox’s monitor also acts as the rear view mirror which means you can still keep an eye on the kids in the back seat. The replacement for the mirror resembles a normal mirror and does not have blue tints as compared to the close competitors. The monitor’s contrast ratio is at a staggering 300:1 with a resolution of 720 by 480. The image is stretched across 4.3 inches which means that they are not very sharp but quite fine.

Auto Vox Wireless Backup Camera Easy Instal
Auto Vox Wireless Backup Camera Easy Instal

The wireless transmitter for this Auto Vox wireless backup camera has a range of 30 feet (10 M) which is fairly fine. However, it is not suitable for long industrial vehicles having thick metal plates because the Bluetooth signal may be obstructed. It is highly recommended for the position the transmitter properly even in small vehicles to prevent the failure of the wireless signal. In the Nissan GTR, I did not experience any signal problems.

The problem with the Auto Vox is the glare on the monitor during the day due to fact that the rear view mirror doubles as the monitor. So it is both a screen and a mirror. However, this can be solved by adjusting the position of the mirror. The backup camera’s build is also not very premium as compared to competitors. It feels cheap which is expected at this price but there are no breakages.

            My Take: The Auto Vox wireless backup camera is a great rear view camera at a highly affordable price. It has wide viewing angle (175 degrees) and good resolution. Its bright LEDs and night vision are incredible. It also acts as a rear view mirror. It is relatively easy to install for people who are hands on. No cables from front to back. If you want a high quality wireless rear view camera and not afraid of some minor hands-on installation you can go for the Auto Vox Wireless Backup Camera.

You can Buy Auto Vox Now on Amazon

Cheap Wireless Backup Cameras Below 100 USD

3. LeeKooLuu – Wireless Backup Camera For Truck

LeeKooLuu Wireless Backup Camera is a sturdy rear view camera built for long heavy commercial vehicles such as trucks, trailers, campers, caravans, vans, skidders, motorhomes and others including long boats and yachts.  It can be used as a backup camera system or a full-time rear view camera. This backup camera comes with a 7” Sony TFT Monitor, a back up wireless camera, 2 power cables, 2 antennas, and 1 mount bracket. This deserves to be the 3rd best wireless backup camera for the money.

I tested the LeeKooLuu Wireless Backup Camera on a long Mercedes camper (26 foot) which we own with friends. The performance was good and our camping expedition at Oldman’s Creek Campground was awesome.  The wireless feature was working perfectly for this length since the range is 80-100 feet on any type of vehicle.

Features and Specifications of LeeKooLuu

  • Moderately Wide Viewing Angle – 150°

    LeeKooLuu Wireless Backup Camera
    LeeKooLuu Wireless Backup Camera and accessories
  • 7-inch Display Monitor
  • IP68 Waterproof Rear View Camera
  • Two video inputs – Wireless Camera or Watch Videos from a DVD
  • Long Range (100 feet)

The LeeKooLuu Wireless Backup Camera can either be powered by reverse lights, cigarette lighter, ignition fuse, running lights, or radio power. For this case, I connected the LeeKooLuu to the reverse lights wires. Every time I engage the reverse gear, the backup camera switches on.

Amazingly, this wireless backup camera has backup grid lines which indicate how close one is to obstacles. The picture quality is good and a short response time despite the long distance between the transmitter (near the camera) and receiver (near monitor). However, one has to be careful when positioning the antennas to avoid hindrances to signal transmission.

It is highly advisable to seek professional service in installing this backup camera system. This because the installation instructions are a bunch and one has to be good at interpreting wiring diagrams. The mounting for the monitor is also not very sturdy and I had to use my phone’s mount after some time of driving the camper in bumpy terrain.

My Take: The LeeKooLuu Wireless Backup Camera is a good and cheap wireless backup camera suitable for long vehicles such as trucks and campers. It has a moderately wide viewing angle and fine image quality. This wireless camera is quite big and conspicuous and thus not suitable for small cars. It is also quite challenging to install and you might require the services of a professional. LeekKooLuu won as the 3rd best wireless backup camera.

You can check or buy LeeKooLuu Backup Camera on Amazon

Cheapest Wireless Backup Camera Below 40 USD

4. ZSMJ– Cheap backup bamera having a good image quality

If you are looking for the cheapest wireless backup camera, money can buy without getting disappointed, I recommend the ZSMJ Wireless Rear View Backup Camera. This wireless camera is very cheap. This backup camera is also suitable for all types of vehicles from cars, trucks, caravans, vans, campers, and trailers. This backup camera comes with the rear view camera, a 4.3” display monitor, a power cable, wireless transmitter, wireless receiver, and an English Manual. This took the 4th position in our listing of the best wireless backup camera.

Features and Specifications of the ZSMJ Wireless Rear View Backup Camera
  • Moderately Wide viewing angle – 135°

    ZSMJ Wireless Backup Camera REAR VIEW CAMERA
    ZSMJ Wireless Backup Camera
  • 7 infrared LEDs for night vision
  • 1/3″ CMOS Camera – Good picture
  • IP68 Waterproof
  • 3 inch TFT LCD Monitor
  • Wireless RCA Video Transmitter and Receiver
  • Wireless Transmission Range – 98 feet

I tried this best wireless backup camera on the same Mercedes Camper after returning from the trip. The viewing angle is not very wide but it is pretty good and meets most of the needs of reversing the vehicle in tight spots.

The 7 infrared LEDs are very useful for reversing at night offering safe driving. They offer impeccable night vision which I didn’t expect at the current price.

The rearview 1/3″ CMOS camera fits perfectly on standard license plates. The camera is connected to the transmitter using RCA cables. The transmitter is in turn connected to the positive brake lights for power. This means that the camera switches on automatically when one engages the reverse gear. The camera and display go off when one stops backing up the car. The transmitter can also be powered by any other 9-24 V power source.

The monitor is connected to the receiver using short RCA cables and the receiver is then powered from the cigarette lighter. Both the receiver and the transmitter should be positioned in an open place to ensure the signal transmission and reception is goo

My Take:  The ZSMJ Wireless Rear View Backup Camera is probably the best cheapest rear view camera available in the market at the moment. This highly affordable backup camera system superseded my expectations. At such a low price I did not expect it to perform well but it did. The viewing angle (135 degrees) is quite fine and the picture quality is above average.

You can Grab ZSMJ Backup Camera on AMAZON
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