What is the Best Hoverboard to Buy? Top 5 Brands in 2019

What is the Best Hoverboard to BuyIt is definitely not easy to determine the best hoverboards in the market. The analysis made in this unbiased review will answer the question what is the best hoverboard to buy.

The top hoverboards are supposed to be powerful, safe, durable, and have such extra features as bluetooth and LED lights. After 47 hours of research, testing, and analysis; the best hoverboard to buy is the Swagtron T580. The T580 has high loading capacity (220 lbs), long range (12 miles), fast and built of durable UL certified materials.

Hoverboards are basically self balancing scooters. Bluetooth hoverboards house speakers and Bluetooth module receivers. Bluetooth functionality turns on automatically when riders start the self-balancing scooters. The signal on the other side becomes discoverable when you connect your board with your phone.

What is the Best Hoverboard to Buy in 2019?

Here are some of the best hoverboards to buy and their price ranges;

  1. Swagtron T580 Hoverboard – $199.97 – $267.04
  2. TOMOLOO Hoverboard – $149.99 -$399.00
  3. AlienBoard Batwings Hoverboard – $270.99- $300.00
  4. Lamborghini Hoverboard – $130 – $150
  5. Mars One Hoverboard – $180- $210

When connecting to these devices, the user should first enable Bluetooth on settings section on their Android or iOS phone. Consequently, turn on the hoverboards which will make it discoverable. Bluetooth hoverboards, also known as hands-free electric scooters, are among the hottest gifts one can send or receive.

Why it’s Somewhat Difficult to Chose the Best Hoverboard To Buy

Since their intoroduction in the market, hoverboards have received mixed reactions from both the people and the government. Initially, the main issue with hoverboards was explosions or catching fire which was mainly attributed topoor designs and faulty/low-quality batteries.

In the United States, the above issue led to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) recalling many (more than 0.5 Million) of these self-balancing scooters. This left many consumers with the question, what is the best hoverboard to buy?  Below are the best hoverboards to buy without having to worry about such hazards.

Comparison Table For the Best Hoverboards to Buy

HoverboardImageWheel Size (inches)Top Speed (MPH)Loading Capacity (lbs)Range (miles)Price
Swagtron T580Best hoverboard to buy, Swagtron T5806.57.522012$$$
Check Price on Amazon
TomolooWhat is the best hoverboard to buy, it is Tomoloo6.5816510$$
Check Price on Amazon
AlienBoard BatwingsAlienboard Batwings Hoverboard6.57.526412$$$$
Check Price on Amazon
LamborghiniLamborghini Hoverboard8101808$
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Mars OneMars One Hoverboard6.57.52207.5$$
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1.Swagtron T580 Hoverboard – Has Bluetooth and LED Lights

Swagtron T580 hoverboard  is a self balancing scooter that punches above its weight. The Swagtron T580 consists of everything that one would expect from modern self balancing scooters. Moreover, you can enjoy music as you ride due to the inbuilt Bluetooth speakers. Swagtron T580 Bluetooth hoverboard can be paired with Android and iOS mobile Apps for easy control and navigation.

Swagtron T580 Review

When it comes to range and speed, this device does 8 miles range on a single charge and a relatively high speed which is 7.5 MPH. Given Swagtron specs and prices, the range is among the impressive features.

This 20lbs board weight makes this device a great option especially when carrying it around. Water protection IPX4 makes it a great portable tool because you do not have to worry about constant damages associated with wetness.

Swagtron T580  is UL 2272 certified which guarantees the feeling of safety as the battery has passed all the major tests and thus is not expected to explode nor catch fire. Additionally, Swagtron T580 is certified by Sentry Shield Technology.

Great design and quality are some of the main aspects which stand out in this hoveboard band. The sleek look is the same as its overall monetary value.  You maybe wondering how much is a Bluetooth hoverboard that has all these features. Swagtron T580 is costing around $199 which is readily available in the market. You can check the current price of Swagtron T80 Hoverboard on AMAZON.

Swagtron T480 Hoverboard Specs

Best hoverboard to buy, Swagtron T580
  • 20lbs weight
  • Relatively high speed, 7.5MPH
  • Range, 8 miles
  • Can be charged fully for just 2 hours
  • UL2272 certified
  • Has 3 riding modes, Learning, standard, and advanced modes

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2. TOMOLOO Hoverboard – For Kids and Adults

This is one of the leading Bluetooth hoverboard which consists of quality speakers. TOMOLOO hoverboard is a cheap scooter which supports self-balance. This device is powered by a 300W single motor that connects to the wheel through the dual motherboard. TOMOLOO comes with a Lithium-Ion battery which takes just two hours to charge fully.

When it comes to performance, dual motherboards, and Q3 series work greatly making riding quite comfortable and fast. However, TOMOLOO is also accompanied by a single downside which revolves around the turning circle. It responds slowly compared to other existing hoverboards. Thus, TOMOLOO might keep children safer and but limit the fun of the spinning circles.

Tomoloo Hoverboard Reviews

TOMOLOO hover board is a decent device that comes with Bluetooth speakers. They are loud and nice which adds up to the overall product package. There are different sets of lights in front of the board in flame design. Again, the light patterns can be well set from iOS and Android phones. Speed and rider modes can also be controlled from a mobile device app.

The tires on the side are 6.5 inches tall which is becoming an industry standard for these devices. There is a 8.5 inch version which is an all terrain hoverboard but definately costs slightly more. Foot panels are wide and nice.Also, the decks hangsoff 0.8 inches off the floor which ensures more balance.

The internal TOMOLOO parts are well developed which meets UL22772 tests. There is an enforcing aluminum frame reinforcing wheels firm and chassis. The outer part is made up of plastic that fades easily in case you fall off a lot.

This hover board hosts quality and decent speakers which produces good music sound. This device’s music is quite enjoyable especially for those users whose expectations are not a notch higher. In-built Bluetooth are some of the unique features that have been implemented in this hover board. That is, the stereo speakers developed in the board itself. They interact with a user’s smartphone which works greatly for both Android phones and IOS. This communication is developed through music which enables to listen to podcasts and play music while still commutigg to work.

TOMOLOO is a self-balancing scooter made of quality materials. This device also involves customized Apps and RGB lights. TOMOLOO hover board is currently available in the market costing around costing between 140 to 400 USD based on specs. This is a super cheap hoverboard with reference to this product’s quality and services offered.

When asked what is the best hoverboard to buy, Tomoloo cannot miss from our listing. There are many fantastic scooters on the market, but for most kids and some adults, this does just fine.

Tomoloo Hover board Specs

  • Reasonably priced
  • Safe
  • Fast speed
  • Well made
  • Stable
  • Customizable which looks cool
  • Good performance

When we talk about what is the best hoverboard to buy, we cannot leave Tomoloo out of the list.

                                            You Can BUY Tomoloo Hoverboard on AMAZON

3. AlienBoard Batwings Hoverboard – An Off Road Hoverboard

This is among the best self-balancing Bluetooth hoverboards available in the market. Genuine Alien Board Batwings Hover board  6.5-inch wheel size and quality material. Alien Board batwings hover board is also accompanied by LED lights and an inbuilt Bluetooth speaker which can be used when enjoying the ride. They are powered by a UL Certified battery and a quality charger.

Alien Board Hoverboard Reviews

This device comes with Bluetooth and other awesome physical features as well. Stability and Comfort are exceptional. This hoverboard leads on many grading platforms because of its typical inbuilt features. The padded distinctive bar performs a great role especially when it comes to overall riders comfort. The Alien Board off road experience is out of this world.

Additionally, Alien wheel Board Batwings Hoverboards come in different colors ranging from matte purple, white and black which meets the tastes and preferences of various people. Alien board hover boards come in astral colors. LED lights and inbuilt Bluetooth speakers are also available.

This device takes approximately two to three hours to charge fully. Alien board batwings also reaches speeds of upto 7.5 MPH. It is just 23 lbs in self-weight.  For people asking what is the best hoverboard to buy, on more than one occasion they are told to check out Alien Bat Wings. Alien Board Batwings hover board are also readily available in the market costing around $249.

Batwing Hoverboard Specs

What is the best hoverboard to buy

  • UL certified charger
  • UL certified lithium battery
  • Bluetooth
  • LED lights
  • Samsung cell battery
  • Good performance

  Batwing Hoverboard Price

4. Lamborghini Hoverboard – 8 Inch, Best Hoverboard Under 200

This is one of the most popular hover boards with Bluetooth. Lamborghini hoverboard displays lights and inbuilt Bluetooth. This device is remote controlled. 8” Lamborghini Hoverboard price ranges between  $120 to $150.

Lamborghini hoverboard is usually 8 inches in size with two different color changing lights which looks very nice. This device comes with original Samsung batteries hence guaranteed safety from explosion.

Lamborghini Hoverboard Reviews

The remote control enables one to turn the hoverboards on and off. Lamborghini hover boards takes approximately one and half hours to fully charge which makes this device an ideal gadget. Additionally, this device comes with a certified charger which helps to meet user expectations.

The Lambo hoverboard reviews revealed they come in different colours which include chrome gold, chrome green, chrome pink, and candy land e.t.c.

The lamborghini hoverboard speed is upto 10MPH. These hoverboards are usually labelled as Lamborghini hoverboards since they produce revving sound like a super car. A Lamborghini hoverboard with key takes the super-car fantasy even further. They are very unique and that is why they couldn’t miss in our listing of what is the best hoverboard to buy.

Lamborghini Hoverboard SpecsLamborghini Hoverboard

  • 265 lbs. maximum weight loading capacity
  • 8 inch tires and wheels
  • 7.5 miles per hour maximum speed
  • IP54 installed water resistant
  • Equipped with led lights and Bluetooth speakers

For the current Lamborghini hoverboard price, check on AMAZON.

5. Mars One Hoverboard –  Has a Waterproof Cap on Charging Port

Mars One hoverboard is also known as Alpha Q. It is one of the leading Bluetooth devices. Alpha Q takes into consideration great hover board’s selection colors in red, yellow, black and blue. Bold, shiny and sleek is the best way to describe this Alien Board hover board.

Alien Board Mars 1 Hoverboard Reviews

This hoverboard is also recognized because it features bright red lights and 33ft Bluetooth speaker range. Alpha Q hover boards also guarantee peace of mind by meeting UL _2272 safety requirements. Alpha Q devices also has a 6.5-inch margin. Foot pedals on Alpha Q hoverboards are made of a material of excellent quality which holds one firmly.

Mars 1 is quite easy to navigate and comfortable especially when undertaking turns. Battery quality on the other side is quite high and long-lasting. That is, Alpha Q hoverboard guarantees superb battery efficiency which can last up to two days. Alpha Q hoverboard is also bond with fun which fits best recreational undertakings. The Alpha Q self-balancing scooters superior fire and thickening rear pedals give security sense. The waterproof cap is also available which protects charging caps against circuit problems.

Its Bluetooth speaker is clear and on a point which is also loud resulting to more fun. Quality made tires which hold very well especially on the slippery floor. Alpha Q is a lightweight, durable and super clean machine to carry around. Top notch quality stepping pads is also guaranteed by Alpha Q overboard which are quite simple but elegant.

Additionally, Alpha Q hoverboard comes in different fantastic colors such as yellow, red and black. This shimmering hoverboard brings up bold statements which makes one stand out in a crowd. Mars One hoverboard is also relatively cheap which costs $200. The above features means that this AlienBoard is usually recommended who are asking what is the best hoverboard to buy.

Mars One SpecsMars One Hoverboard

  • UL2272 certified
  • Comfy 6.5 inch wheels
  • High speed and 7.5 miles coverage
  • Samsung Cells in its UL certified batteries

   You can view or BUY Mars 1 Hoverboard on AMAZON


Lastly, after going through various types of hoverboards which have Bluetooth and their prices, we are optimistic  you have acquired vital information which answer the question what is the best hoverboard to buy. There are vibrant hover boards based on Bluetooth connectivity to choose from depending on your taste.

However, when shopping for hoverboards it is quite possible to get confused on which is the best device to meet your traveling needs because of many features associated with scooters. Then, if you are ready to try and buy one your pre–shopping questions have been answered.

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