VueBell Review 2019 [Best Wireless Doorbell]

Vuebell WIFI HD Camera Video Doorbell Vuebell Review
VueBell Video Doorbell

Did you know that you can always be at home even the moment you’re far away from there? With the magnificent VueBell WIFI HD Camera Video Doorbell you can always monitor your home from the office, on vacation, while traveling or anywhere else across the world using your phone.  In this VueBell review,  am going to show you the good and bad side of this wireless doorbell.

VueBell is a unique smart doorbell that comes with a 720p HD camera, a microphone and a motion sensor. These help you keep in touch with people who show up at your front door. Based on this Vuebell review and others, I think it is time for you to replace the old doorbell and make your life safer and more comfortable with the VueBell. These are some of the reasons why I consider this to be the best wireless doorbell.

Vue Bell Review

Our reviews of the best video doorbells this year revealed that the VueBell is among the best camera doorbells. We found out that with VueBell one can answer their front door wherever they are at any time, see and talk to the person at the entrance using any smart device. The VueBell also sends one push notifications and pictures on their phone when the motion detector detects something or someone presses the doorbell.

Vuebell review video doorbell
VueBell WIFI Video Doorbell Package

It comes with both AC and DC power terminals (2 for each configuration) which means you don’t really have to worry much about the power supply in your old doorbell. You just confirm the type of power source and fix your VueBell camera doorbell.

VueBell video doorbell also offers what they call the VueBell Cloud Storage where your videos are pictures are stored for future use. The VueBell was pretty easy to install by replacing the old doorbell. It has four main screws for the wall and two additional hex screws for security purposes. Setting up the doorbell was straightforward since it involved pressing the reset button and scanning a QR code on the phone using the doorbell.

The VueBell video doorbell requires a 2.4G WiFi in your house. This best camera doorbell also comes with a separate indoor chime which you can place anywhere where it will be more convenient to hear the sound. The customer service is effective where they offer a 100 percent assured after-sale protection. They responded promptly every time we had a small issue with the night vision. The VueBell is sold at a favorable price as compared to other top video doorbells. Check the latest price of VueBell on Amazon by clicking here.

Features and Specifications of the VueBell WIFI HD Camera Video doorbell

  • Size: 3.15*3.15* 38 inches

    VueBell review
    VueBell WIFI HD camera video doorbell features
  • Camera Resolution: Auto, HD 1280*720, BALANCED 640*360, SMOOTH 320*180
  • Field of view: 185°
  • Power supply: DC 10—36V;  AC 10—24V;
  • Working Temperature and Humidity: -20℃~+50℃; ≤95%
  • PIR (Motion detector) Distance: 9.8 feet
  • Infrared (Night Vision) Distance: 9.8 feet
  • Microphone Pickup Distance: <6.4 feet
  • Loudspeaker Volume: High< 73dB, Medium< 63dB, Low< 53dB
  • WiFi Distance: Outdoor≤328 feet, indoor≤ 164 feet
  • 433 Wireless Distance: ≤492 feet
  • Weight: Net 0.25 lbs
  • Package: Outdoor Unit (1pcs), indoor Chime (1pcs), Accessories (1pcs), Guide 1pcs

Detailed VueBell Review

This VueBell review revealed that it has a high-quality HD camera with a resolution of 1280 by 720 pixels. This enables one to have a clear view of their area of interest. The camera has a wide horizontal field of view (185 degrees) and 118 degrees for the vertical FOV. This means that it covers a big portion of your front entrance. You will never miss a thing on this doorbell with camera.

The VueBell’s camera has a 1.3 mm focus and makes use of f/n 2.5 lens speed. We found that the camera automatically corrects white balance. It also has night vision features which uses infrared for automatic gain control and top quality photos and videos in the dark. The VueBell also has an 8x digital zoom for looking at objects far from the entrance.

You can connect the VueBell to more than one smartphone by just sharing from the initial phone. The VueBell’s indoor chime comes in handy for those people with young kids and other house members who do not possess a smart device. The indoor chime beeps when someone shows up at the door or presses the video doorbell.

The VueBell video doorbell is also compatible with other devices such as Amazon’s Echo Dot for voice control and the August Smart Lock. Now you can voice command your video doorbell and also open doors for your visitors when away from home.

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The Vuebell review also showed that the only shortcomings of this doorbell are its plastic design (though weather proof and slightly long lasting and its bulky square shape and size. It is slightly bigger than other doorbells such as the Ring Pro and SkyBell HD.

VueBell  Installation Procedure

  1. Install VueBell’s outdoor unit
  2. Turn off the power
  3. Remove the old doorbelL

    Video DoorBell Positioning
    Video DoorBell Positioning
  4. Install VuBell’s wall mounting bracket using 4 screw
  5. Download and install VueBell’s android or IOS APP
  6. Register and add VueBell doorbell to the app
  7. Click register and log in
  8. Press +to add VueBell
  9. Connect VueBell with AC or DC power on the mounting bracket.
  10. Make sure all the devices are on the same network
  11. Access the wifi
  12. Press the RESET button on the back of the VueBell doorbell to reset it
  13. Create a QR code on the app
  14. Direct the VueBell to the phone app to scan the QR code
  15. Wait for the VueBell to connect with the app and network, shown by blinking of the doorbell symbol.
  16. After the connection is successful, the device’s information will appear: the name, ID number, and the firmware.

Disclaimer: This is an unbiased VueBell review based on real testing.

Our Take: This VueBell review revealed that this is a leading doorbell camera that offers value for one’s money. It is cheaper than most video doorbells in the market. The doorbell camera’s high resolution and large FOV is just amazing. It captures lots of details. The phone app, two way audio and one way video streaming is also smooth. The motion detector is also quite sensitive. The only shortcomings noticed with this wireless video doorbell is the relatively poor night vision and bulky size.This is a good doorbell for people on a tight budget. With the VueBell you will not miss any action at your entrance anytime. Go ahead and surprise your visitors, catch those USPS package thieves, scare away burglars, know when your kids are dropped from school. As The SnippingTech, we highly recommend the VueBell WIFI video doorbell.  You can view or buy it on Amazon by clicking here.

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