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The privacy of the users of our website,, is very important. Thus, we have created this privacy policy to explain to you how we collect, communicate, disclose, and use personal information. This is our privacy policy.

We know that online privacy is crucial to our gadgets review site, especially when doing any form of commercial activity. The SnippingTech or (the “Site”) has developed this policy to show how our firm is committed to the privacy and security of our visitors. (the “Site”) doesn’t rent, reveal, nor sell any personal information to 3rd parties. The things covered by this policy are but not limited to your email address, telephone number, name, credit card information, and physical address.

This declaration oversees our privacy policy with respect to the use users of the “Site” (our “Visitors”) who visit without necessarily conducting business and “Visitors” who register to transact business on our Site. Business entails different services being offered by (conjointly, “Services”) to the (“Authorized Customers”).

 “Personally Identifiable Information (PII)”

This is any type of information which identifies or can be utilized to identify, contact or locate an individual to whom the information applies; including but not limited to name, phone number, email address, financial profiles, credit card details, and social security number.

Personally Identifiable Information excludes information collected in an anonymous manner (i.e. without identifying a specific user) or even demographic information not linked to an identified person.

The type of Personally Identifiable Information Collected

Currently, The SnippingTech doesn’t collect any type of personally identifiable information. However, in the future, we are likely to collect basic user profile data from our visitors.

Which firms are collecting our PI information?


How does The SnippingTech use PII?

Currently, we do not use such information.

How is PII stored?

PII is neither collected nor stored.

How does The SnippingTech keep PII secure?

At the moment we neither collect nor store PII.

Whom does share PII with?
No one.

Who are the service providers or partners who have access to PII from Authorized Customers or Visitors on the Site?

What is the procedure of changing this Privacy Policy?

We will notify our Visitors and Authorized Customers when any changes to our Policy occur by updating it our Site.

Are Cookies used on

How does make use of login information?

The SnippingTech makes use of such login information as ISPs, IP addresses, trend analytics, types of browser, track the Site’s visitor usage and movement, and collect extensive demographic information.


The SnipingTech contains links to trustworthy external websites. You are expected to note that when you click any of the links you will be redirected to a different website. You are highly advised to read the privacy policies of the external sites which are likely to be different from ours.

The SnippingTech together with our staff as well as our proprietary technology offers important information, services, and products to consumers and businesses spanning across various sizes in a format best described as online. We update our Site continually and its evolution is on a regular basis as the dynamics of technology continue to unfold.

  • Prior or during collecting any PII, we will point out why such information is being collected.
  • In case we collect any PII, it will be on the basis of meeting the objectives we specified or other compatible purposes, unless we obtain the individual’s consent or as required by the law.
  • Our Site will only keep the PII as long as it’s required to fulfill the aforementioned purposes.
  • We will collect PII through a fair and lawful means and, where applicable, with the concerned individual’s knowledge and consent.
  • Personal data is expected to be applicable to the intended purpose as well as to the extent essential for those purposes, should be up-to-date, complete, and accurate.
  • The SnippingTech will protect PII by rational security safeguards against leakage, theft, or any other form of loss. This covers disclosure, unauthorized access, copying, modification, or use.
  • The SnippingTech is committed to making information about our practices and policies readily available to our visitors and customers especially the management of PII.

The SnippingTech is committed to conducting commercial processes with the above principles to with the aim of ensuring the protection and maintenance of PII.

Last Edited January, 13 2018

In case you require more information or an explanation of our Privacy Policy, you may contact us here.