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Most Quiet Motorcycle HelmetSome of us can’t do without riding motorcycles. Traveling at high speeds on a motorcycle leads to generation of wind noises inside the helmet. The noises can be as high as 113 decibels and anything above 85 dB can result to a hearing loss. This is why every rider requires the most quiet motorcycle helmet to protect their hearing system.

Best Most Quiet Motorcycle Helmet

We took 46 hours testing and analyzing motorcycle helmets that are claimed to reduce wind noise. We can now confidently present the helmets we believe are the most quiet and worth the money.

Most Quiet Motorcycle Helmet Shoei RF 1200If you are looking for the very best most quiet motorcycle helmet we recommend Shoei Solid RF-1200. It has a strong shell design which is compact and aerodynamic. Very light (3.46 lbs). It reduces wind noise without interfering with the road noises so one is always aware what is happening around. Offers great ventilation flow with the relevant intake and outlet vents which prevents excessive sweating. Comes in 4 shell sizes for a customized fit for different people. It also offers a quick release system in case of an emergency. The shield is both windproof and waterproof. The only short coming observed is that it can be difficult to remove due to the compact design and because it’s full face non- modular. Read our full review below. Check its current price on AMAZON.

Most Quiet Motorcycle HelmetIf you are looking for a cheaper reduce wind noise motorcycle helmet that won’t disappoint you on the move, we recommend FreedConn Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet. It weights more than Shoei but still light(4.05lbs). Apart from a fairly good noise reduction it also offers an  inbuilt Bluetooth intercom system which connects up to 3 people over 1640 yards. It also has a noise canceling microphone thus you can make calls on the move. The ventilation is cool. Different liners for various people. Dual visors. The shortcoming noticed is that the speakers are not impressive and lack bass. Read our full analysis below.Check its current price on AMAZON.

Comparison Table for Most Quiet Motorcycle Helmet

Motorcycle HelmetImageWeightNoise Reduction RatingPrice
Shoei RF-1200reduce wind noise motorcycle helmet Shoei RF 12003.46 lbs*****$$$$
Check Price on Amazon
Scorpion Exo Covert3.75 lbs*****$$
Check Price on Amazon
HJC IS MAX IIquitest motorcycle helmet HJC is MAX 25.35 lbs***$$
Check Price on Amazon
FreedConn Bluetooth Helmet5.6 lbs****$
Check Price on Amazon

1. Shoei Solid RF-1200 – Best most quiet motorcycle helmet

Shoei metallic helmet! I can’t believe that such an awesome piece of safety gadget would be availed to the rider in the 21st century. The helmet offers unparalleled comfort to the rider. It gives the rider a plush feeling while ensuring his or her safety on the road.

Features and Specifications of Shoei RF 1200

reduce wind noise motorcycle helmet Shoei RF 1200Brand – RF-1200 Metallic Helmet

Weight of helmet – 3.46 lbs

Folding – No

Helmet size- 10 by 10 by 10 inches

Model Number – RF-1200

Safety Rating – DOT Certified

DOT Certified – Corrective Action

Shoei RF 1200 Review

This helmet is very light in weight and has much of the designed process geared towards noise cancellation from every direction. In order to enhance more comfort, Shoei manufacturers have made the helmet in a manner that aeration at all times will be possible. This is the best motorcycle race helmet.

The dual density liner of the EPS is used in order to reduce the weight of the helmet, enhance aeration and maximize the safety of the rider.  Center pads have been designed and shaped in 3 dimensions so that adjustments can be made to the helmet to fit in any size or shape of the head. This design ensures that the head of the ride fits in a comfortable way even when riding at very high speed.

To enhance fitting, the costume cheek pads come in multiple thicknesses. Shoei has included a dry system liner material that dissipates and absorbs both sweat and moisture efficiently.

This is full face modular helmet. For electric scooters and bikes one can do with half helmets but not fast motorcycles.

An emergency release system is also in place to ensure that paramedics access the head of the rider very fast in case of an accident. This is why this emerged to be the most quiet motorcycle helmet. According to me this is the safest motorcycle helmet with the noise reduction feature after its impressive results in the crash test.

Shoei is Available on AMAZON

2. Scorpion Exo Covert – Unisex & best helmet for noise reduction

Another name for it is Flip Up Adventure motorcycle helmet. This is a wonderful helmet that every rider should have. Cheeks for Scorpion EXO helmet are notoriously tight . After a series of rides, their fit perfectly well on the head. While I do not care less about modular function, I will write that it has a nice lockdown and its noise reduction capability is excellent.This emerged to be our 2nd best most quiet motorcycle helmet.

Features and Specifications of Scorpion Exo Covert

Most Quiet Motorcycle Helmet Scorpion Exo CovertWeight of the Helmet – 3.75 lbs

Folding – No

Safety Rating  – DOT Certified

Model Number – 95-0105

CAPA Certification- DOT Certified

Items Included – helmet, shield and bag

Dimensions of the Helmet   – 15 by 11 by 11 inches

Scorpion EXO Covert Helmet Review

This helmet is made in America. It is designed such that the speaker cutouts do not allow pressure point on the head of the rider. Although if one chooses to use chin curtains, it will be necessary for one not be careless when using the modular function simply because its microphone can stand on the way when lifting the screen of the helmet.

A Scorpion Covert helmet crash test revealed that it is very resistant and capable of handling intense impacts. This comes in handy incase of an accident.

The ventilation system on Scorpion Exo  is one of a kind- the system does not just prevent the fogging of the visor but also it will make the rider feel the cool air flowing nicely when it is open. This is a concept that many helmets miss.  In the event that one would need to use the helmet for an off-road activity, the face shield can just be removed.

Buy Scorpion Exo on AMAZON

3. HJC 980-614 IS-MAX II– Motorcycle helmet with wind blocker

This helmet is one of a kind. It has every thing that makes it competitive from the features to the prices. I have to say I was very impressed when I made the purchase and testing. This emerged to be our 3rd best most quiet motorcycle helmet.

Features and Specifications of HJC 980-614 IS-MAX II Modular Motorcycle Helmet

Weight of the helmet – 5.35 lbs

Folding – No

Brand – HJC 980-614 IS-MAX II

Helmet Model – HJC 980-614

Safety Rating – DOT Certified

Corrective Action / Preventive Action – DOT Certified

Helmet size (in) – 1o by 10 by 10 inches

Model number of the helmet – 980-614

HJC IS MAX 2 Elemental Review

MAX II Modular Motorcycle Helmet is manufactured using polycarbonate composite shell. This means that it is not heavy. This material gives it a superior fit and comfort. Its face shield is made such that the rider can release it with one hand. The screen, unlike in many helmets, offers about 95% UV protection to the rider.

The other feature that makes the HJC 980-614 IS-MAX II Modular Motorcycle Helmet great is that when changing the face shield, no tool is required. For rider’s comfort, the manufacturer placed advanced ACS channeling to give maximum aeration to the head as possible. Sweat and heat are swept away very fast.

If the rider may fancy wearing glasses, it modular and comfy design has incredibly ensured it is not possible but also stylish. HJC like other top brands considered how to make a motorcycle helmet quieter by adding the neck seal but they did it even better.

HJC 980-614 IS-MAX II Modular Motorcycle Helmet has very little wind noise and has more functionality. This model is suitably used when commuting and it very easy to talk on the mobile phone. I am very happy with this helmet and am intrigued by their customer services as well. This great engineering safety equipment. I have grown to love it every day.

You can View or Buy HJC IS MAX 2 on AMAZON

So far we can see that the evolution of motorcycle helmets has undergone a lot of changes. Safety and noise reduction are some of the areas that have witnessed significant innovations.

4. FreedConn Bluetooth Helmet– Cheap motorcycle helmet

In my history of riding, this is one of the most quiet motorcycle helmet that has bluetooth feature I have ever come across. It is made such that it has the very high capability of noise cancellation. It also comes with a built-in Bluetooth intercom. The intercom has a range of about 500m and has an FM radio.

For the price given, this is one great helmet in the twentieth century. It takes no time to connect to the phone. The speakers are quite loud and the helmet is incredibly comfortable.

Features and Specifications of FreedConn Helmet                                                                         

Freedconn reduce wind noise motorcycle helmetBrand- FreedConn

Weight – 5.6 lbs

Safety Rating – DOT Certified

Model of the helmet – BM2-S

Serial of the helmet –  BIF013

Product Dimensions – 14.5 by 10.5 by 11 inches

Folding – No

Type of Batteries –  2 lithium batteries

Model of the helmet – FreedConn

Mirror Adjustment –  Manual

Type  of Helmet Service  – All of the above

Other Features – wireless, Bluetooth, Extendable, intercom,

DOT Certified –   Preventive Action Certified

Freedconn Helmet Review

This helmet is a perfect one that offers the rider a system that is complete when it comes to communication while on a journey riding his or her motorbike. The helmet has built-in speakers and a microphone both of which to cancel the noise the vehicle and the road. The ear speakers serve to help the rider receive audio instructions from the GPS and he or she can enjoy the MP3 song as well. The microphone on the helmet serves the function of making calls easier through the phone.

Another feature that I found making the FreedConn helmet very cool is that it very light in nature. The ventilation system is designed such that moisture and sweat are swept away very fast enhancing the riders comfort at whatever the speed. It has removable cheek pads to making cleaning easier.

Bluetooth connectivity makes the ride a lot more enjoyable since the rider listens to navigation instructions from the GPS with no effort at all while riding. another thing that can be done using the Bluetooth connectivity is intercom communication from one motorcycle to another. FreedConn Bluetooth motorcycle helmet comes in a variety of colors; gross black, black, grey and white color. This is a very cool motorcycle helmet.

This cheap helmet definitely deserves to be the 4th best reduce wind noise motorcycle helmet.

You can Buy Freedconn Helmet on Amazon

Motorcycle hearing protection is very important and every rider should have a noise reduction helmet. Medical reports have shown that hearing loss is a major issue among motorcyclist. Don’t be part of the statistics. Protect yourself.

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