Best Electric Unicycles 2019 [A Review] – Buyer’s Guide

Best Electric Unicycle Reviews Inmotion V8 NINEBOT ONE SEGWAYAn electric unicycle is definitely one of the coolest devices. Few people saw the coming of a self-balancing one wheel hoverboard.

The electric unicycles are not made for everybody but for the unique riders who are audacious and love to be challenged. Those people who want to try new and unique stuff, stand out, and turn heads on the pavements and streets.

An electric unicycle (EUC) is a one-wheel scooter which is normally used for personal transportation especially commuting and leisure. A self balancing electric unicycle is usually made up of one wheel instead of two wheels like the electric scooters. A  one wheel scooter that balances on its own looks like something borrowed directly from a science fiction movie.

A typical electric unicycle has the following parts: a rechargeable battery, a motor, one wheel, cover, microcontrollers, other electronics including gyroscopes (for motion and speed control) and stepping side pads. Other unicycles come with LEDs for decoration and lighting, Bluetooth speakers for entertainment, a learning strap, training wheels, an accompanying mobile app among other utilities.

Electric unicycles like hoverboards are controlled using body movements where a lean forward increases the speed while leaning backward results to a decrease in speed, stop or move in reverse. One can use the mobile app (IOS or Android) to monitor various parameters such as speed, distance covered, battery level, Bluetooth music or control the Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs). Despite these extreme features,the New York State Senate declared that unicycles are not motor vehicles according to the law.

It is not easy to find the best electric unicycle. Is it? There are many types put on display and the safety concerns. That is why we took the challenge to dig into the mess and determine the top electric unicycles for the money.

The Best Electric Unicycle 2019 – A Review

In this unbiased review,  we set out to determine the best motorized unicycle after a female friend of mine strolled into my yard on an SBU unicycle. I always knew she was into cool gadgets but I was both amazed and impressed to see her cruising on a one wheel scooter. We purchased and tested several electric unicycles at my backyard, across the pavements, and along the streets of Trenton. The extra unicycles were later donated to charity.

If you are an adventurous person and are looking for a powerful, fast, long range, resistant, multipurpose electric unicycle I highly recommend the KingSong 16S One Wheel Scooter. The KingSong unicycle (KS 16) has a max loading capacity of 330 pounds. It can reach speeds of up to 22 MPH (too fast but of course you can go slower if you wish). It has a range of 26-38 MILES on a single charge. It can ascend inclines of up to 30 degrees. KingSong 16S Electric Unicycle’s battery is rated at a whopping 680 Wh and its motor is rated at 1200 W. It has 2 Bluetooth speakers (10 W) and a telescopic handle. It comes withAMAZON headlights for night travel. I found its performance on pavements, gravel, dirt, grass, and riding over curbs and stairs to be impressive. This is powerful and well-fed European made horse that is quite pricey but worth every penny. This is, without doubt, the best electric unicycle. See the current price of KingSong 16S one wheel scooter on AMAZON or see the image below.

If you are not a hype (music) person and are looking for a less pricey alternative that excludes the Bluetooth speakers but does not compromise on performance, I recommend the INMOTION V8 electric unicycle. The InMotion V8 has a Maximum loading capacity of 264 pounds. It can attain speeds of up to 18 MPH. It was found to travel between 25-30 miles on a single charge. It manages to climb slopes in the tune of 25 degrees and below.  The INMOTION V8 one wheel scooter comes with a 480Wh battery, an 800W motor. It has a front lamp for night riders. It has a phone app. Check the current price of INMOTION V8 unicyle on AMAZON or the image below.

If you are a looking for a highly affordable or rather cheap electric unicycle with a fairly fine performance (moderate power, loading capacity, and speed), I recommend the Segway One S1 One Wheel Self Balancing Personal Transporter (Ninebot S1). The Segway One S1 is made by a highly reputable American Company (who doesn’t know SEGWAY anyway). It has a maximum loading capacity of 220 pounds. A top speed of 12.5MPH and a range of 15 miles on a single charge. It weighs just 25 pounds. Its battery is 310Wh and fully charges in just 4 hours. The Ninebot one has a phone app and customizable LED ring of lights. It has a lift handle with the no spinning safety feature.  It does not have Bluetooth speakers which is fine for its price. Read full review below. To check the current price of Segway One S1 on AMAZON see the image below or click HERE.

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 I happen to be a graduate engineer from a top university with vast experience in unbiased product testing and analysis where I follow standard procedure.  I have a small team of professionals who come with various skills which include technical performance analysis, customer surveys, and online research. You may also be interested in reading my unbiased review on the best selfie drones in the world.

Comparison Table Showing 4 Best Electric Unicycles

Electric UnicycleImageLoading CapacityTop SpeedRangePrice
KingSong 16
KingSong 16s electric unicycle reviews
KingSong 16s electric unicycle
330 lbs22 MPH38 miles$$$$
Check Price On Amazon
INMOTION V8264 lbs18.6 MPH30 miles$$$
Check Price on Amazon
Segway One S1220 lbs12.5 MPH15 miles$$
Check Price on Amazon
Swagtron SwagRoller
Swagtron SwagRoller Electric Unicycle
264 lbs9.3 MPH12.4 miles$
Check Price on Amazon

1.KingSong 16S – Best Electric Unicycle to Buy

The KingSong 16S one wheel scooter is also commonly known as KS16. This is a premium 16-inch unicycle which was found to have an exemplary good performance. I first noticed the KingSong 16S at Las Vegas during this year’s CES. I went ahead and decided to purchase the KS16 on Amazon. I totally love it. Everything about this unicycle is perfect as it has the power of a 16” I was looking for. This is a piece of dependable engineering I can’t keep my hands off.

The first impression; the KingSong 16S can carry heavier individuals (up to 330 pounds). It is also extremely fast

KingSong 16s electric unicycle reviews
KingSong 16S Electric Unicycle (View on AMAZON)

where it attains speeds of up to 22MPH and covered more than 36 miles on a single charge. This unicycle spins far much faster than the fastest fidget spinner. Its safety is top notch as its braking distance from 21MPH (very fast) to 0MPH was found to be 9 feet. At moderate speeds, it stops very quickly when one leans slightly backward. It has a powerful Panasonic battery (680Wh) and motor (1200 W).

The design is just great as it comes with two colors, matte black, and shiny white. I decided to go with the white one since as dust particles, small scratches, and fingerprints are not visible on it. It looks like a Ninebot One but far much better in terms of quality, performance, and functionally.

The KingSong 16S wheel is 16 inches in diameter and ideal for off-road riding. It is not very big (actually it is smaller than its close competitor the InMotion V8) and thus able to fit under most chairs and tables. Kingsong also included a retractable trolley handle which makes it very easy to tag this self-balancing unicycle around. With the handle and its power on, it is easy to move around since the wheel rotates and changes directions at one’s pace.

If you are wondering how to ride a unicycle for the first time, with the KingSong 16S you don’t have to be worried since it has a learner and expert modes. This was my first electric unicycle and under the learner mode, I managed to ride this scooter in under 2 hours.

Wait for this entertainment lovers, the KS16 has 2 inbuilt Bluetooth speakers for streaming music from your phone. It also has a ring of awesome blinking LEDs which are customizable using the phone app. KingSong did not forget to include a blight headlight and a highly visible red brake light. Both lights have sensors including twilight sensors and thus turns on automatically at dusk. This KINGSONG Unicycle is omnidirectional and thus it automatically detects the direction one is riding and lights on the appropriate lights.

The KINGSONG’s stepping pads are made of rubber and they feel good on any type of shoe or flip-flops. They look edges are rounded which means they cannot bruise a learner and avoid fatigue during riding. The sides have big but comfortable pads which means one has to keep their legs much wider than other unicycles. The cushions also give a rider a convex feel enabling one to do a 1-leg riding comfortably.

KingSong 16S tROLLEY Handle
KingSong 16S Showing Trolley Handle

The King Song 16 S also makes some ridiculous but charming sound on switching on which goes like “HELLO! KING SONG!” The sound fades away in a steady and soothing manner which calms someone as they are about to take a ride of a lifetime.  Almost all the self balancing unicycles make a sound on starting and the KINGSONG 16S is neither the quietest nor the loudest. You can always adjust the volume on the app to avoid distracting people in public.

As an industrial engineer, I have previously worked with various motors and I know the sound of the struggling ones. The KingSong’s Motor sounds like one which has more power to spare as compared to the other electric unicycles. This sbu unicycle does not struggle to take one anywhere, anytime, under any conditions.

The KingSong 16S motorized unicycle is loaded with a bunch of safety features such as beeping when one is traveling very fast (above 20MPH). It also warns the rider if one tilts too far with sound commands such as “Please Caution, Over Tilt”.

Features and Specifications of the KingSong 16S Unicycle

Max Loading Capacity- 330 pounds

Top Speed – 22 MPH

Range- 27-38 miles on a single charge

Max incline – 30 degrees

Weight of Unicycle – 38 pounds

Battery – 680Wh

Charger Input Voltage – 100-220 V

Motor power- 1200 W

Water resistance – IP55 (light showers)

Bluetooth speakers (Music)  – Yes

Trolley Handle – Yes

Tire’s Diameter – 16 inches

Colour – Shiny White and Matte Black

Detailed Review of the KingSong 16S One Wheel Scooter

KingSong 16 Electric Unicycle comes with two Lithium Ion Panasonic batteries (340Wh each) which totals to 640 Wh. Panasonic is a reliable battery manufacturer and even Tesla uses their batteries in the electric cars. These batteries are responsible for the increase in the unicycle’s overall weight but the advantages are more than the disadvantages.

The loaded batteries juice the electric unicycle’s powerful 1200 Watts DC brushless motor. These factors ensure that this electric can cover as many as 38 miles on a single charge. This means that you can now use this one wheel scoter to commute to and fro work or school without worrying about charge.

KingSong K 16 S electric unicycle unicycle
Testing KingSong 16S

The KINGSONG’s 16S EUC peak power goes as high as 2700 W and thus it can carry a heavy individual weighing as much as 330 lbs without a hitch.  The power also enables the KS 16 to stroll uphill (up to 30 degrees) effortlessly.

KingSong also facelifted the stepping pads for this e-unicycle making them slimmer and unfolding. The pedal height is also closer to the ground than other 16” models which lowers the center of gravity making it more stable and easier to ride as compared to the InMotion V8.

When one stops riding the KS16, the side LEDs show the battery charge level which is so cool. Braking leads to the tail light turning red. One unique thing about the KINGSONG KS16 is that the SBU is completely symmetrical and the lights swap when one changes riding direction. The 16S also has a twilight sensor which turns on lights wherever they are needed. FYI, the majority of the cars on the road do not have a twilight sensor which is a big plus for KINGSONG. One has the option of turning off the lights manually through the app or the button on top of the unit in case one wants to save power.

I found out that KingSong 16S electric unicycle requires one to have two mobile apps. One is the official app which lets the rider adjust the ride modes (learner or advanced), lights, sounds, side LEDs, speed (safety) alarms, and also calibrates the inbuilt gyroscopes and updates the firmware. The other app is known as Whellog. It is used to log various parameters on KS16 such as voltage, current, power, battery charge, speed, and saves the rider’s GPS location. This app is compatible with most outdoor watches such as Pebble, GoLife, and Casio. This is useful for people who desire to see their speeds on their watches instead of phone or to navigate using the smartwatch. My Pebble Smartwatch always notifies me when the battery is low or when I exceed the speed limits (am a speedster) through vibrations.

My Take: The KingSong 16S One Wheel Scooter offers the topmost performance out of all the electric unicycles I tested. It has a high loading capacity (330lbs). It is extremely fast (22MPH). It also has the best range (38 miles) on a single charge due to its reliable Panasonic batteries. It was easier to learn due to the learner mode. It is more stable and offers better maneuverability (better at making sharp turns). Suitable for all types of terrains and jumping over curbs and stairs. Not forgetting it comes with Bluetooth speakers to keep you entertained. The shortcomings noted with this electric unicycle scooter are its weight and a not very impressive look.

You can Buy KingSong 16S on Amazon

2. INMOTION V8 – Good Performance, Elegant Finish

I decided to purchase and try out the INMOTION V8 electric unicycle after getting a significant number of positive experiences from friends as well as online. The Inmotion V8 is a leading unicycle in terms of demand due its design, good performance, and durability. This one wheel scooter is better the Inmotion Mohawk V3 unicycle but twice the price. The INMOTION V8 is unique since it comes with cool side LEDs which can be customized using the phone app to display the colour one desires.

INMOTION V8 Electric Unicycle (View on Amazon)

The INMOTION V8 has an elegant outer finish which is smooth to touch and shiny. It also comes with two soft side pads to prevent injury to the ankles especially when making turns. The V8 IS IP55 water resistant and thus manages light rain and water puddles are fine. I have ridden it over 50 km in various conditions including exposing it to water splashes and it did fairly well. Its stepping paddles have a sand paper which offers good feel and grip on my Osiris Skateboarding shoes (oh men, how much I love these shoes).

This one wheel hoverboard also has a retractable built-in trolley handle which is concealed in the shell for pulling the unicycle in some places such as extremely crowded areas or inside buildings. It also has a lifting handle with a safety mechanism which stops the wheel from spinning when the V8 is lifted up. It weighs just 29 pounds and thus easy to carry for most people if need be.

The Inmotion V8 Electric Unicycle Scooter has a bright headlight for night riders and a red tail light (not very bright) which indicates when one slows down, breaks, or stops. Breaking the V8 was found to be pretty easy as one just leans forward. At a speed of 17 MPH, it was found to stop under 1.6 feet. Very impressive emergency brakes.


It was noted that upon receiving the InMotion V8 unicycle it is highly recommended to pump air into the 16 inches wheel upto 55 PSI. It feels wobbly if driven below the stated tire pressure. It has a HIFI speaker which produces system sounds when turning on the unicycle or changing lanes (please note that these are not Bluetooth speakers and thus the system cannot play music).

Features and Specifications of the Inmotion V8 Electric Unicycle

Max Loading Capacity- 264 pounds

Top Speed – 18.6 MPH

Range- 25- 30 miles on a single charge

Max incline – 25 degrees

Weight of Unicycle – 29 pounds

Battery – 480Wh

Charger Input Voltage – 100-220 V

Motor power- 800 W

Water resistance – IP55 (light showers)

Bluetooth speakers – No

Trolley Handle – Yes

Tire’s Diameter – 16 inches

Colour – Black

Detailed Reviews of the INMOTION V8 Electric Unicycle Scooter

The Inmotion V8 sensor controlled vehicle’s 800W motor produces a maximum power output of 2000 W which enables the self-balancing scooter to attain speeds of upto 18MPH. To travel faster one just leans forward and the gyroscopes and other sensors do the rest of the work.

Inmotion V8 Showing LEDs

I managed to cover between 25 to 30 miles on a single charge based on the terrain, slope, and speed. Riding on rough terrain such as gravel and grass as well as steep slopes (25 degrees) was found to deplete the battery faster resulting to a shorter range (25 miles). While riding on flat and smooth pavements at a moderate speed (15MPH) was found to allow the battery to last longer. This in turn led to a longer range (30 miles).

This Inmotion V8 one-wheel scooter is equipped with a removable with Li-ion Samsung 480 Wh battery. This is not

Inmotion V8 TROLLEY HANDLE buy price amazon
Inmotion V8 with Retractable Handle

TSA compliant and thus you cannot take the V8 on your next flight. The charging port is covered with a protective rubber cover to keep of water droplets. It has blue battery indicator which turns yellow when the battery goes below 2 bars. This is useful since one doesn’t have to check their phone app for battery level.

The front lamp of this electric unicycle scooter is bright enough for night travel. Its brake tail light is small red in color and has the Inmotion logo. The smartphone app for the V8 was downloaded from the app store (search for INMOTION SCV-Bluetooth). The app is used to turn on or off the lights, change the color of the side LEDs. The Inmotion App also gives one the chance to make more friends in InMotion ‘Moments’. This is where riders share their riding stories. The app connects to the V8 using Bluetooth. The app also allows one to connect to the rear speaker and adjust or switch off system sounds, check hardware diagnostics, check one’s speed, set a speed limit, and distance covered.

My Take: In this review of the  InMotion V8 , am of the unbiased opinion that if you wish to spend less money on a high performing electric unicycle then this is the one wheel scooter to go for. V8 looks better than the 16S, it looks premium. It is also 10 pounds lighter, the trolley is longer and thus can fit the basketballers. It includes an intuitive button in the handle to stop the wheel drive. Its mobile app is better too. The only major shortcoming with the V8 is the absence of Bluetooth speakers which is not fancied by everybody.

INMOTION V8 for sale at Amazon

3. SEGWAY ONE S1 – Everybody Knows Segway

The Segway One S1 electric unicycle is also popularly known as the Ninebot One. We exchanged unicycles with a female friend of mine (Lily) and I got the chance to ride the SEGWAY ONE S1 one wheel self balancing personal transporter for 2 weeks. Here is my unbiased review and take on this highly affordable one wheel scooter.

Features and Specifications of the SEGWAY ONE S1 Unicycle

Max Loading Capacity- 220 pounds

Top Speed – 12.5 MPH

Range- 15 miles on a single charge

Max incline – 15 degree

 Weight of Unicycle – 25 pounds

Segway One S1 Electric Scooter Ninebot one price amazon reviewBattery – 310 Wh

Charger Input Voltage – 100-220 V

Motor power- 600 W

Water resistance – IP55 (light showers)

Bluetooth speakers – No

Trolley Handle – No

Tire’s Diameter – 14 inches

Colour – Shiny White

I found the Segway One S1 to have a moderate performance. I did track my speed and the best I could do was 12 mph. Segway states that the maximum speed for this unicycle is 12.5 miles. A background study revealed that this design speed was inspired by the average speed of sprinting human (15 MPH) though the first people like Usain Bolt have reached up to 27 MPH. The human body is capable of sustaining injuries that might occur when one is moving at that speed. This means that it is considered safe to ride an electric unicycle traveling at 12.5 mph. However, at this speed, you cannot pass speeding bicycles. If you want to throw caution to the wind and go really fast consider taking the KingSong 16S or INMOTION V8 electric unicycles.

Segway Price on Amazon

I weigh 154 pounds and this unicycle had no problem taking me around since its capacity is 220 lbs. However, I have read some personal experiences of people who have used the one wheel Segway and some weighing as much as 260 pounds managed to take a slow ride. However, I would not recommend this to someone weighing more than 220 pounds since that will be overloading this SBU unicycle and can cause breakage, failure or an accident.

It comes with two batteries each at 155 Wh. The batteries are designed to be removable so that one can take on a flight by just popping out the well fit side covers.

The build quality is great. The Segway has a shiny exterior which makes it look really good but once subjected to some tumbles or rough riding it tends to look haggard. I wish it comes with a protective sleeve like the INMOTION V8.  So take care not to scratch yours. The customizable side LEDs look cool and draw a lot of attention. It also comes with a pumping valve extension for pumping air into the air tires. You don’t need a wrench to access the valve.

The Ninebot One is harder to ride than the previously previewed models. However, I discovered that the easiest

Lewis Hamilton on a Ninebot One E+Best Electric Unicycleby Segway
Lewis Hamilton on a Ninebot One E+ by Segway (Source: DailyMail)

way to get on board is to make use of a turn situation. This is achieved by mounting the right foot and plot an arch with one foot as if it was turning left and my left foot can easily get on board too. Don’t try riding this unicycle inside the house. This is not a hoverboard. Go outside there and find a flat stretch and do your thing. At first try somewhere there is a wall or a rail. You many need to purchase some ankle pad to stick to the Segway.

The shortcomings of the Segway One S1 are that it does not come with a head light nor tail light which means that it cannot be ridden in pitch darkness. The lack of a tail light also means that it does not indicate to other road users when one is braking or about to stop. This is risky and one has to be careful when riding it on a busy road.  The Ninebot One S1 motorized unicycle also does not have Bluetooth speakers which mean that music entertainment is out of topic. If you want to b entertained go for INMOTION V8 electric unicycle scooter.

By the way, Lewis Hamilton (Formula One Star) was spotted riding an Ninebot One E+  (which is the older brother Segway One S1) in Miami before the Grand Prix. He was taking his cute dog Roscoe on a walk. This leaves many wondering if Hamilton is better behind the wheel or ‘on top of the wheel’. Just think about it.

My Take: The SEGWAY ONE S1 electric unicycle is ideal for people who do not want to move eryfast. It is a good unicycle for having fun and not suitable for commuting over long distances. It is well built and compact with some general safety in mind. This scooter is highly affordable and almost half the price of the top two. If you are on a tight budget and you want something to take you to the store and back, then this is the best electric unicycle for your money.

BUY SEGWAY ONE S1 Electric Unicycle on AMAZON


4.   SWAGTRON SwagRoller Best Electric Unicycle Below $400

If you just have a couple of bucks to spare and you want to have some swag then this dual wheel scooter is for you. The Swagtron SwagRoller Electric Unicycle Multi-Terrain Dual is the cheapest motorized unicycle worth a ride. This is a dual wheel scooter but still classified as an electric unicycle. This is because its two wheels are fitted on one rim and can be mistaken for one wheel. The air filled tires are just 14 inches in diameter.

Features and Specifications of the Swagtron SwagRoller Electric Unicycle

Max Loading Capacity- 264 pounds

Top Speed – 9.3MPH

Range- 15 miles on a single charge

Max incline – 15 degrees

Weight of Unicycle – 30 pounds

Battery – 310 Wh

Charger Input Voltage – 100-220 V

Motor power- 450 W

Water resistance – IP55 (light showers)

Bluetooth speakers – Yes

Trolley Handle – Yes

Tire’s Diameter – 14 inches

Colour – Shiny White

Swagtron SwagRoller Review (Detailed)

The Swagtron Swagroller is a moderate performance electric unicycle capable of carrying an individual weighing as much as 264 pounds. It is fitted with a modest 450 W motor which offers sufficient power to climb inclines measuring up to 15 degrees.

This cheap self balancing unicycle does not travel fast and I just managed to clock a speed of 9MPH. It also does a fairly small distance of 12 miles on a single charge.

Swagtron SwagRoller Electric Unicycle motorized self balancing
Swagtron SwagRoller Electric Unicycle

This electric unicycle scooter has 14-inch dual air-filled tires fitted on one aluminum rim. This offers good shock absorption and traction. This was found to offer a fairly comfortable ride on a rough terrain. The two tires also make it easier to balance at low speeds as compared to its counterparts. However, the two wheels make it harder to turn on sharp bends and one has shift their weight more. Swagtron ought to have considered the use of a differential gear system (like the one used in vehicles) to make it easier to turn.  This would, of course, make it more sophisticated and more expensive. Some people would rather strain their legs than hurt their pockets (sic). Please note that the Swagroller electric unicycle comes with two training wheels to get one started.

It also has a bright headlight and colored LEDs and was fairly easy to ride at night. The LEDs are customizable through the phone app.  The app is also used to lock the motor (for safety), control the sensitivity when one leans, and view ride parameters and history.

Amazingly, this budget self balancing unicycle comes with Bluetooth speakers where one syncs music from their phone. It also has a retractable trolley handle to guide it around when not riding it.It is a compact motorized unicycle which measures 16.5×20.5×5 inch and thus fits perfectly inside car trunks and beneath desks which make it a suitable choice for commuting students.

The Swagroller Electric Unicycle is UL2272 certified with SentryShield technology for the safety of its electrical

Swagtron SwagRoller electric unicycle
Swagtron SwagRoller Showing handle

components. It is IP55 water resistant like a dash cam for multilayered protection that keeps water, and dust away. It also includes voice prompts for alerts and notifications, so one always knows the current state of the electric unicycle. So, now you can join the Personal Transportation Revolution and get rolling down the street.

  • My Take: The Swagtron Swagroller Electric unicycle is a fairly good unicycle for people on a very tight budget. It has a good loading capacity and good balancing at low speeds. It also has all the basic necessities of a unicycle such as headlights, a trolley handle, and Bluetooth speakers. The disadvantage is that it does not move fast (just 9MPH) and it has a short range (12 miles). It is ideal for moving over short distances for example if one lives near their school.

There you go, get yourself an electric unicycle, grab a helmet and take the ride of a lifetime.

Related Video: The Impressive Performance of KingSong Electric Unicycles Including Extreme Tests

Video Courtesy of Kingsong Intell Co., Ltd

Heads up: I did chose to use this video since I considered it too risky for me to do some of the torture tests on my electric unicycles. Or maybe am not brave enough to jump over curbs, logs , rocks,and ride down very steep slopes. Nevertheless, let the professionals show us how its done. Enjoy your ride. Won’t you?

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