8 Best Outdoor Projectors In 2019 – Unbiased Reviews

Best outdoor projectors Epson 1450 vs Wowoto T8ELooking for a projector to use outdoors can be a challenge now that most are designed to be used indoors. We have done all the digging for you and now lets reveal the best outdoor projector for the money.

An outdoor projector can be used for backyard movies or cinema, work or school presentation, or anything else that needs to be displayed under the bright and unpredictable environment.

Watching a movie or displaying something on a screen in broad daylight is not a walk in the park. But trust me, you can DIY an outdoor movie theater system using a daylight projector.

We have researched, interacted with people who use outdoor projectors regularly, purchased dozens of outdoor projectors for testing, and isolated only the best. This is based on such unique features as brightness (in lumens), resolution (in pixels), connectivity options, and audio quality.

The Best Outdoor Projector in 2019

Epson Home Cinema 1450 Best outdoor projector

If you are looking for the very best outdoor projector, we recommend the Epson Home Cinema 1450. It is a 3LCD outdoor video projector which delivers a massive 4200 lumens. Its resolution is full HD at 1080P. We found it to produce sharp and colorful images under bright conditions. It has 2 HDMI ports which support dual display. Very low fan noise. The major shortcoming is its fastidious geometric and auto-iris correction. Read our full review below. Check its latest price on AMAZON.

WOWOTO T8E best outdoor projector multifunctional 3D BLUETOOTH

If you are looking for an affordable but a high performance multipurpose outdoor projector, we recommend the Wowoto T8E projector. This HD projector has an impeccable image quality and brightness. Comes with a rechargeable inbuilt battery that last 4 hours. It is compact and very light (1.24 lbs) making it very suitable for outdoor activities. Its smart features include Android OS, 3D projector support, Bluetooth, and game console support. Its shortcoming is decreased image brightness above 100 inches. Read our full review below. You can check its budget price on AMAZON.

ViewSonic PA503W Best Cheap Outdoor Projector

If you are looking for a cheap outdoor projector that won’t disappoint you outside there, we recommend the ViewSonic PA503W projector. It retails below 400 USD. This emerged to be the second most bright outdoor projector with 3600 lumens and a very long lamp life up to 15000 hours.It is very easy to focus with both vertical and horizontal keystone settings. Its main shortcoming is that it lacks USB ports and instead has two not very useful VGA ports. Read our full review below. You can check its latest price on AMAZON.

About Outdoor Projectors

The outdoor projectors are gizmos which operate at extreme conditions in receiving images and displaying them onto a screen which is usually inflatable.

About the Selected Best Outdoor Projectors

These are highly rated projectors which are well priced. They are the exceptional projectors which ensure color-rich, high performance and immersive images. World class projection which transforms the ordinary is also attained by these leading projectors.

Additionally, they are available for purchase on such retail stores as Amazon. Fast shipping and security is guaranteed. Therefore, this article is precisely researched on to enable buyers to make an informed decision when purchasing projectors which best fits their match.

Selection Standards For the Best Outdoor Projectors

Video and images quality – The selected projectors juggle high-resolution images, respectable contrast, and high brightness.

Features  – These highly ranked outdoor projectors were selected based on the ideal features offered like that of preset viewing and picture alteration options. The most significant ports such as HDMI, integrated and external speakers, inbuilt DVD player and lens shift were also highly considered.

Money value –  Most outdoor projectors are very expensive. Therefore in this article, we looked for the most significant features and picture clarity that are worth the price. Contrary to the popular belief that you get what you have paid for, these devices are critically analyzed to ensure that people get the best outdoor projector at an affordable price.

Comparison Table for the Best Outdoor Projectors in 2019

Outdoor ProjectorImageBrightness (Lumens)ResolutionWeight (lbs)Price
Epson 1450Epson Home Cinema 1450 Best outdoor projector42001920x12010.1$$$$$
Check Price on Amazon
Wowoto T8EWOWOTO T8E best outdoor projector multifunctional 3D BLUETOOTH2000 ANLSI1280 x 8001.24$$$
Check Price on Amazon
Epson Powerlite 1785WEpson PowerLite 1785W Projector best outdoor projector32001280x8004.0$$$$
Check Price on Amazon
ViewSonic PA503WViewSonic PA503W Best Cheap Outdoor Projector36001280x8004.9$$
Check Price on Amazon
Epson Powerlite 1715CEpson Powerlite 1715C Best outdoor Projector27001024 x 7683.7$$$
Check Price on Amazon
Infocus IN1100Best outdoor projector under 50021001024 x 7682.75$$$$
Check Price on Amazon
Optoma EP – PK – 101 PicoOptoma EP-PK-101 best pico projector for outdoors9480 x 3200.25$
Check Price on Amazon
ViewSonic PJD5111ViewSonic PJD5111 best HD outdoor Projector2500800x6005.1$$$
Check Price on Amazon

1.Epson Home Cinema 1450 – The Best Outdoor Projector in 2019

After 6 hours of testing this particular model, it emerged to be the best outdoor projector worth one’s money. We must admit that this is an expensive HD projector but it is worth every penny due to its superb performance both  outdoors and indoors.

Epson Home Cinema 1450 not only produces among the highest quantity of lumens (4200) in this category but also a very high-resolution of 1920×1200 which supports full HD, 1080p.

We also found this to be the best outdoor projector due to its lightweight design which makes it easy to move outside for that movie night. Outdoor projectors are developed to be used outside but not meant to stay outside especially in rainy conditions. No one wants to carry a bulky projector outside.

Epson 1450 Specs

  • Brightness – 4200 Lumens

    Epson Home Cinema 1450 Best outdoor projector
    View on Amazon
  • Contrast Ratio – 15,000:1
  • Resolution – 1920×1200
  • Color Light Output – 4200 Lumens
  • Data Modes – MAX 1920×1200
  • Aspect Ratio – 16:10 (WUXGA)
  • Video Modes  – 1080p/60, 720p, 480p, 1080i, 480i
  • Voltage – 100V – 240V
  • Max Power – 429 Watts
  • Weight – 10.1 lbs
  • Connection ports – 2HDMI, Composite (RCA), Audio Out (Mini Jack),  RS232 (DB-9pin),  Network (RJ-45), 2 USB, Audio In (Mini Jack), VGA Out (Dsub-15pin)

Epson 1450 Projector Review

Epson Home Cinema 1450 produces a crisp clear picture on the screen under ambient outdoor lighting. It was found to be a multipurpose video projector which blends almost anywhere from the backyard for that awesome movie night, to that street show or presentation, to a dim home theater, to a living room built on the open concept plan. The picture and video quality always stands out.

The Epson 1450 is a compact projector, not very heavy and  its features to make it possible to accomplish large-scale projection with a lot of convenience and clarity.

Pros of Epson 1450

  • High brightness for outdoor settings
  • 3LCD technology for vibrant images
  • Supports Full HD 1080P
  • Comparatively good and loud inbuilt speakers (16W)
  • No noticeable keystoning / Negligible  throw offset

Cons of Epson 1450

  • Quite expensive
  • Not very light

You can View or BUY Epson 1450 on Amazon

2. Wowoto T8E  – The Best HD Projector Under 500

The Wowoto T8E is a perfect multipurpose, budget, mini portable HD outdoor projector  that competes with the big brands. This projector surprised the majority of our team members due to the multiple features it holds under a compact design and a highly affordable price.

It comes with 3D capability, supports android OS, a track pad, a keystone correction range spanning up to 80 degrees, an inbuilt rechargeable battery, an integrated speaker, and also supports  game consoles including PS3 and Xbox. It was found to project images and videos up to 300″. The Wowoto T8E definately deserves to be the 2nd best outdoor projector.

Wowoto T8E Projector Specs

  • Brightness – 2000 ANLSI Lumens

    WOWOTO T8E best outdoor projector multifunctional 3D BLUETOOTH
    View On Amazon
  • Resolution – 1280 x 800
  • Aspect Ratio – 16:9,4:3
  • Color Light Output – 2000 Lumens
  • Lamp Life – 20000 hours
  • Video Modes  – Supports 1080P
  • Voltage – 100V – 240V
  • Rechargeable battery – 7800 mAh
  • Weight – 1.24 lbs
  • Connection ports – 2HDMI, Composite (RCA), Audio Out (Mini Jack), 2 USB, RS232 (DB-9pin),Network (RJ-45), Audio In (Mini Jack),  VGA Out (Dsub-15pin)
  • Additional Features – 3D, Android OS, Bluetooth, inbuilt 7800mAh rechargeable battery

Wowoto T8E 2000 Review

The Wowoto T8E can be classified as a multimedia smart projector due to its advanced features. The Asian manufacturer is not well-known but trust us they created a very superb and unique outdoor projector. The actual video output may not go beyond the premium competitors, but Wowoto has a combination of highly useful features which are not common in DLP projectors.

Wowoto T8E is powerd by Android OS. It is a mini projector which measures 7.8 x 4.8 x 1.6 inches and weighs just 1.2 pounds. The inbuilt rechargeable with a capacity of 7800 mAh. The battery lasts about 3  to 4 hours on a single charge and we are able to watch a full movie outdoors without any external power source.

This Wowoto multimedia home theater projector comes with a black functional carrying case with beautiful accents which are blue in color. The carrying case also makes it a suitable outdoor projector due to the ease of moving it from one location to the next. It also comes packed with an IR remote,batteries for the remote, HDMI cable, and video component cables.

One of the most interesting and unique features of the Wowoto T8E is that this best outdoor movie projector has a touchpad on the top surface. We have previously noted that most video projectors just connect to a video source as a mere display. However, the Wowoto uses a custom-built Android 4.4 OS inside the T8E. The embedded touchpad allows one to navigate the Android user interface and the projector menu with much ease.

On the bottom of the Wowoto, there is mounting hole which allows a user to connect the projector to a tripod or mount it on the ceiling either at the front, or rear position. This best outdoor projector also has a 3.5-millimeter audio out jack which allows one to connect to an external sound system since its 2.2 watt speaker is not loud enough especially for a large audience. Its RJ45 and USB ports support communication while the micro SD card slot allows one to play content directly from the card.

The color as well as the refresh rates for this Wowoto projector were fairly good The Wowoto also projects 3D content but one has to use DLP active 3D glasses which are bought separately. However, the 4K screens have really improved in  terms of image quality and clarity while 3D is not very compelling currently.

Pros of Wowoto T8E Projector

  • Inbuilt rechargeable battery that lasts 4 hours for outdoor activity
  • Compact and light at 1.2 pounds
  • Impressive picture quality
  • 3D and game console connectivity features

Cons of Wowoto T8E Projector

  • The resolution is not full 1080p but it supports 1080p content
  • The 2000 lumens brightness not suitable for projecting above 100 inches

You can View or BUY Wowoto T8E on AMAZON

3. Epson Powerlite 1785W – Wireless WXGA 3LCD Projector

In our unbiased review, Epson Powerlite 1785W emerged as the 3rd best outdoor projector.  You are guaranteed to enjoy bright, clear, and vibrant pictures with the Powerlite 1785w wireless WXGA 3LCD projector which delivers a brightness of 3200 lumens.

It has an impressive dynamic contrast ratio of  10,000:1  which helps it challenge the daylight while retaining detail in dark sections of any image without contradicting the overall brightness. the native contrast ratio of the 1785w was found to be 1280 x 800 and it proved to ensure  the text and images are clear from various viewing angles and distances.

One of the most unique features of this gadget is that it is a wireless projector by Epson. We managed to project images from our laptops, smartphones, and tablets without physically plugging into the outdoor projector which allowed us to move freely at the backyard.

Epson Powerlite 1785W Specs

  • Brightness – 3200 lumens

    Epson PowerLite 1785W Projector best outdoor projector
    View On Amazon
  • Contrast – 10,000: 1
  • Aspect Ratio – 16:10 (WXGA)
  • Resolution: 1280×800
  • Weight – 4 lbs
  • Voltage – 100v-240v
  • Max Power – 309 watts
  • Voltage – 100v-240v
  • Display type – 3LCD
  • Video Modes –  1080p/60,1080p/50, 1080p/30, 1080p/24,  720p, 1080i, 576p, 576i, 480p, 480i
  • Connection panel – HDMI (MHL), Composite (RCA), 2 USB, VGA In (Dsub-15pin), Wireless Networking
  • Lamp Life (Eco-mode and Full Power) –  7000 hours and 4000 hours

Epson Powerlite 1785W Review

The Epson Powerlite 1785W is a widescreen, ultra portable, wireless projector having Mirecast streaming. This outdoor projector is built with the outdoor setup procedure in mind. It is ultra portable making it easy to move outside.

Powerlite 1785W also offers a significant brightness of 3200 lumens and a WXGA resolution which handles daylight with ease but not as good as the Epson 1450. It is highly suitable for playing HD quality images.

This projector also offers 3 times more color brightness than its close competitors and its Epson 3LCD projector feature ensures more vivid presentations.  The Miracast feature is one of the newest in wireless connectivity and it ensures that Epson 1785W can mirror content from any streaming device including a smartphone.

We found out that it also works with Roku, Chromecast, and MHL-enabled devices. The auto vertical and horizontal keystone correction offers swift and easy adjustments for the projected images.

Epson 1785W also has HDMI, RCA, and VGA video inputs which allow one to connect several types of devices. The HDMI input is classified as MHL-compatible which means that it allows one to connect their compatible smart devices to the projector and in turn mirror it on the screen. Surprisingly, this particular projector also processes video signals via the USB port from Mac and Windows computers.

The Epson 1785W has the auto screen fit feature that quickly and easily focuses and adjusts the image to fit one’s screen. This is a very useful feature for any outdoor projector that has to be moved from time to time. The keystone correction quickly adjusts the screen to fit the screen.

The 3LCD revolutionary feature has the 3-chip technology which is developed to offer a wider color gamut and an enhanced colour brightness.

Pros of Epson 1785W

  • It is wireless with Miracast
  • Highly portable
  • Auto adjustment to screen size
  • 3LCD technology for enhanced brightness

Cons of Epson 1785W

  • Faint sound from inbuilt speakers

You can View or BUY Epson 1785W on AMAZON

4. ViewSonic PA503W – Cheap Outdoor Projector

The ViewSonic PA503W outdoor projector hangs on the balance between performance and price. It thus deserves to be the 4th best outdoor projector in our unbiased review.

When we unboxed it, we found the actual projector, a power cable, a laser remote control, a VGA cable, and the user manual. The packaging itself looks decent and a reasonable amount of polystyrene foam had been placed inside as a shock absorber to prevent damage during handling and transport. The build quality is magnificent.

ViewSonic PA503W Specs

  • Brightness – 3600 lumens

    ViewSonic PA503W Best Cheap Outdoor Projector
    View on Amazon
  • Aspect Ratio – 16:10 (WXGA)
  • Contrast – 22,000:1
  • Resolution – 1280×800
  • 3D Modes – Full HD 3D
  • Video Modes – 720p, 1080i, 1080p/50, 576i, 576p, 480p, 480i
  • Weight – 4.9 lbs
  • Voltage -100V-240V
  • Max Power – 260 Watts
  • Digital keystone – Vertical only
  • Lamp Life (Full power/Eco-mode) – 4500 hours/15000hrs
  • Connection panel – HDMI 1.4, Composite (RCA),VGA In (Dsub-15pin),USB, VGA Out (Dsub-15pin), Audio Out (Mini Jack), Audio In (Mini Jack)

ViewSonic PA503W Reviews

It was very easy to install this projector outdoors using a regular projector mount but an optional mount can be bought and it does not have to belong to ViewSonic. Installation just involved attaching the required cables and  cross-checking the connections.

When we switched it on after positioning we realized the focus was out of place. However, it was easy focusing and all credit goes to vertical keystone adjustment.

This projector was released in 2017 but the connectivity options the manufacturer’s choose to use are questionable. It has 2 VGA ports which raises eyebrows since the developments in Laptops and PCs are very dynamic and most of the brands are already moving  HDMI, mini DP, and Thunderbolt. VGA is expected to fade out soon.

The other ports were just the usual ones, HDMI, RCA Video, Audio in/out, and mini USB used to update firmware. However, it was disappointing to find out that ViewSonic PA503W projector  lacks a USB port which means connecting such display dongles as Roku and Chromecast is almost impossible as they usually powered through a USB port.

The video quality for this particular projector astonished us especially after comparing it with the price. The 3600 lumens lamp and the DLP technology produces significant brightness which was ideal for the outdoor environment. his is one of the reason why we included it as a best outdoor projector.

Pairing the above features with the SuperColor Technology which is proprietary to ViewSonic enables the PA503W to be the best outdoor movie projector. We would highly recommend anyone who goes for this projector to acquire an good external speaker system since its speakers are just 2W and not loud enough.

Pros of ViewSonic PA503W

  • Good brightness at 3600 Lumens
  • Easy to focus and keystone settings
  • Long lasting bulb

Cons of ViewSonic PA503W

  • No USB ports and instead has 2 VGA ports

You can View or Buy ViewSonic PA503W on AMAZON

5. Epson Powerlite 1715C – Wireless Multimedia Projector

This is a good outdoor projector too. By now you must have noticed that Epson’s displays and projectors exhibit outstanding image quality. Hence, it offers low ownership liabiliy based on service and reliability. This outstanding device facilitates creativity, productivity, and expressiveness when conducting outdoor activities and thus qualiffies to be the 4th best outdoor projector.

This Epson projector is creatively designed to meet your rampant projector’s outdoor need as well as to fit your budget. It supports the low cost of ownership and wireless mobility. New and interesting portable device. Reliability, high performance, and ease of use are some of the added advantages.

The Epson Powerlite 1715C is portable and easy to carry around when attending outdoor events. Fast and easy setup. Stunning projector with bright images which brings video games, movies, and sports to life. Brightness changes depending on the usage and environmental conditions. This device is also effective when attending corporate, business and education meetings.

This Epson 1715C projector facilitates efficiency which makes it ideal for most significant outdoor activities. This device ensures that users enjoy everything from immersive gaming to blockbuster anywhere. Hence this outstanding device is the best, especially when watching backyard movies.

Pros of Epson 1715C

  • Ease of use

    Epson Powerlite 1715C Best outdoor Projector
    View On Amazon
  • Higher resolution
  • Works well in bright light
  • Bright images
  • HDMI input

Cons of Epson 1715C

  • Contrast needs more work
  • Expensive replacements

You can View or Buy Epson 1715C on AMAZON

6. Infocus IN1100 – Ultra Mobile DLP Projector

This is the 6th best-rated projector in this article. The InFocus projector delivers value in all setting and outstanding performance. This device is ultra-portable therefore ideal for both outdoor classrooms and large attendance venues. The InFocus IN1100 Ultra Mobile DLP projector has superior image quality and lighting which makes an impact in all setting.

The InFocus projector is easy to install and take on the road.  This projector exhibits a DLP Display Technology accompanied by 1024*768 native Resolution. This InFocus projector is specifically developed for users who desire it all from outdoor projectors. This device is highly rated when it comes to performance, ease of use and mobility.

The InFocus IN1100 projector takes just seconds to project and set up. Surprisingly it is also accompanied by a somehow small cable. Brilliant color (TM) technology utilizing filter-free DLP(R) makes the InFocus projector to bring out the highest superior visual performance.

The compactness and lightweight make it easy to travel with when conducting all outdoor activities. Honestly am sure every tabletop has a space for this small outstanding device which merely reaches the notebook size. The InFocus IN1100 provides ample brightens and vivid colors. The inbuilt Brilliant color ™ true life color reproduction with 2100 lumens 1800: 1 contrast and trifecta which barely any other projector can meet.

High processing speed, WXGA acceptance and content 1080p resolution. Amazingly, the InFocus offers XGA native resolution which displays perfectly on computers. This projector is flooding in the market which is cable of claiming a lot of digital magic during projection.

Pros of InFocus IN1100

  • Lightning fast projection

    Infocus IN1100 Projector best outdoor projector
    View on Amazon
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Faster transitions
  • The perfect display on computers
  • Compact USB cables
  • Fairly quiet

Cons of InFocus IN1100

  • Weird video flips back
  • Costly

7. Optoma EP – PK – 101 – Best Pico Pocket Projector

The adaptable Optoma EP – PK – 101 PICO is the smallest and ideal projector you have ever seen. Durability and compact size make it ultimate for all outdoor activities and when one is traveling.  Bright enough, which sparks user imagination and fits in almost all users’ pockets.This makes qualify to be the 7th best outdoor projector.

Pico pocket projector review

This device connects iTouch, iPhone, iPod which involves bundle connection kit. Digital cameras, Camcorders and DV – Cam’s connectivity with standard Composite which involves composite cables. Video players and DVD player’s connectivity with standard composite AV out. Though this configuration does not connect to cellphones, notebook computers, and other devices unless the device has composite output.

Additionally, the Optoma Pico can be used to project PowerPoint presentations, videos, and photographs. This tiny and stunning projector allows you to view almost everything in high quality and large diameter. This device seems to hold up well and work the best. This projector proves to be among the best outdoor projector based on performance effectiveness. However, this device is also accompanied by various drawbacks where some color settings look more artificial.

Pros of Optoma EP – PK – 101

  • Color fidelity

    Optoma EP-PK-101 best pico projector for outdoors
    View on Amazon
  • Ease of control
  • Affordably priced
  • Powerful and small
  • Full HD resolution
  • Nice highly portable projector
  • Clean and bright images

Cons of Optoma EP – PK – 101

  • The fan can be heard in bright mode
  • Grill leaks lamp light
  • Rainbow effects
  • Manual focus is hard to operate

You can View or BUY Pico on Amazon

8. ViewSonic PJD5111 – Cheap Quiet Projector for the Backyard

ViewSonic PJD5111 is a projector that offers high performance and value.  The device is light and compact making it easy to move outside, around the campus or from room to room in the office. This emerged to be the 8th best outdoor projector for the money.

ViewSonic PJD5111 Projector Review

The PJD5111 has reduced fan noise which extends lamp life. It minimizes fan noise when in Eco mode to ensure fewer distractions. Extensive connectivity including one RGB and two RGB inputs. HDMI, VGA, RCA, and 3.5mm many more connection options. This is a high-resolution projector which supports high definition (HD) signals. Projector central clarified about the resolution of this projector that its resolution is not full HD but it supports HD content.

The 2500 lumens deliver bright and clear images in almost all types of lighting conditions. Brilliant color, Texas instrument, high contrast image, and true color for expressing video, charts, and presentations. Clear and bright images in almost all lighting conditions. This excellent video project is a multi-functional one.

This is the ideal projector which is versatile, easy to use, and portable projector. So far am extremely happy with this wonderful projector. The user can change everything into the size of their reference like that of playing HD movies on the palm of their hands.

This is the most cost-effective solution when users want to watch a Mets game on an amazingly big 200-inch screen. A few inches television is much expensive compared to this small device which covers many inches in just a small package. Among the many cheap projectors in the market, this is definitely the best outdoor projector.

Pros of ViewSonic PJD5111

  • Pretty nice display

    ViewSonic PJD5111 best HD outdoor Projector
    View On Amazon
  • Cable management hood
  • 2W speaker integrated
  • High definition signals
  • 3300 lumens brightness
  • Light and compact

Cons of ViewSonic PJD5111

  • The contrast could be better for long videos
  • The absence of HDMI and audio jack for external speakers

You can View or BUY ViewSonic PJD5111 on Amazon

There you have them, the top 8 best outdoor projectors this year. As The SnippingTech’s team we are optimistic that you have found the best outdoor projector that meets most of your needs. Have a great time watching your favorite movie at the backyard or making that award winning presentation.

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