The Best Hiking Watch Under 100 (For Men & Women) – A 2019 Review

best hiking watches under 100Hiking is one of the most thrilling experiences. Am a hiker. I have lost my track in the wild on several occasions. It was nasty. As a techie, I went out to find the best hiking watch under 100 dollars.

I had to find  something to navigate around, keep time, monitor altitude, temperature, and location at an affordable cost. Maybe you too.

Are you looking for an easy way to navigate or to keep track of essential data such as your altitude while on the trail? Forget about old-school compasses, maps, and notepads. What you need is an altimeter watch for hiking.

The Best Hiking Watch Under 100 Dollars in 2019

After 45 hours of research, testing, analysis, and interacting with hikers as well as watch experts, we are going to reveal to you the best hiking watches under 100 bucks.

Casio Men's SGW-1000-1ACR best hiking watch under 100If you are a man and are  looking for a durable, multipurpose,  high performance, and the very best hiking watch under 100 dollars, we recommend  Casio SGW 1000 -1ACR . This watch acts as  a triple sensor and comes with all the essentials for hikers which include a compass, altimeter, barometer, and a temperature sensor. It’s water resistant up to 330 feet and  withstands rain and swimming. Casio also offers automatic world clock  and up to 5 alarms including a barometer alarm.  Its battery is solar powered and lasts for 3 years. We found this watch to have an excellent build quality and hands rough treatment well. It retails slightly below 100 USD. Check its current price on AMAZON. See our full review below.

Golife GPS Watch best hiking watch under 100If you are a lady or you looking for a GPS hiking watch, we recommend the Golife GPS Watch. This hiking watch is sleek, light, and with a superb performance. I didn’t expect to find a good GPS watch under 100 but here it is.It also has an altimeter barometer, and an E-Compass thus meets most of a hiker’s needs.This is a smartwatch too since it has Google Intelligent Assistant, Bluetooth, a microphone, and speaker. Replies texts and calls. We managed to share our hiking data directly on social media.  Its waterproof up to 164 feet.  Its battery goes for 21 days before recharging. It also retails slightly below 100 USD. You can check its current price on AMAZON.  Read our full review below.

Hiking watches are specifically designed for use by hikers. They are ideal for outdoor activities such as  camping, swimming, hiking, mountaineering. We can’t get enough of hiking watches. They come in different sizes, shapes, and styles but they are specifically designed to carry out the same functions.

Barometers, altimeters, thermometers, and time clocks are the most significant features which hikers should look for before buying any hiking watch. Hiking watches should be durable in order to meet harsh hiking conditions. But, how do you know which is the best hiking watch for you?

Key Considerations When Ranking Hiking Watches

  • Durability
  • Striking design
  • Strong performance
  • Most reliable features
  • Affordability

8 Best Hiking & Outdoor Watches Under $100 in 2019

Hiking WatchImageWater ResistanceCompassAltimeterBarometerThermometerPrice
Casio SGW-1000-1ACRCasio Men's SGW-1000-1ACR best hiking watch under 100330 ftYesYesYesYes$$$
Check Price on Amazon
Golife GPS WatchGolife GPS Watch best hiking watch under 100164 ftYesYesYesYes$$$$

Check Price on Amazon

Timex Expedition ShockTime Expendition Shock best hiking watch under 100660 ftYesNoNoNo$$
Check Price on Amazon
LAD Weather WatchLAD Weather best hiking watch under 10098 ftYesYesYesYes$$$
Check Price on Amazon
Dakota Analog WatchDakota Mini Clip microlight best hiking watch hiking under 100100 ftNoNoNoNo$
Check Price on Amazon
Casio SGW300HB-3AVCFCasio SGW300HB-3AVCF best hiking watch under 100330 ftYesYesYesYes$$
Check Price on Amazon
Casio SGW 100-1VCasio SGW100-1V Twin Sensor best hiking watch under 100660 ftYesNoNoYes$
Check Price on Amazon

1. Casio SGW 1000-1ACR– Best hiking watch under 100

Casio SGW 1000 -1ACR Triple Sensor Digital Display Quartz Black Watch is a durable, elegant, and multi purpose hiking watch.  It exceeded our expectations and we couldn’t believe its in this price range. But it is. It is a Triple Sensor watch which has three major features; an altimeter, barometer , and a compass.  It also measures temperature and shows direction readings.

Casio SGW 1000 Review

Casio is one of the leading and oldest (first watch 1974) manufacturer of electronics including watches, calculators and others. Casio SGW 1000 is one of the leading watches manufactured by this highly reputable company.  It is a high performance outgear watch that matches military standards and thus suitable for hiking and other outdoor activities.

Casio SGW 1000-1ACR is water resistant up to a depth of 330 feet  (100 M) and thus handles rain droplets, water splashes, swimming,and other activities that involve water quite well.

It has a stopwatch alarm and allows one to set as many as 5  alarms daily and one snooze alarm. 

You can definitely set an alarm for the barometer too. This is very useful since certain barometer readings, below 28 in.Hg, can indicate the likelihood of rain. You can thus rush home before a downpour wets your pants.

Casio also comes with a world clock feature with 31 time zones with more than 48 cities.

Our Casio triple sensor SGW 1000 review also revealed that it has an auto calendar which will last up to the year 2099.  You can also either chose the 12 or 24 hour format for your watch.

This amazing Casio hiking watch has a good battery (Lithium metal, CR2025) which is charged by solar and designed to last up to 3 years. This type of battery is very convenient since one doesn’t have to replace it now and then like other watch models.  It also offers daylight saving on and off mode.

At night you can still use the Casio hiking watch since it has an LED backlight with a super illuminator as well as an after glow. This ensures you wont miss seeing the details after pressing the watch once.

The watch is 2.15 inches diameter and the large LCD display is divided into 3 sections for a trouble free, clear, and easy to use presentation of various type of data. Time and direction readings are shown by  large figures which are easy to read.

It is made of mineral glass which protects the display from scratches ( a lot can happen in the wild).


Casio Men's SGW-1000-1ACR best hiking watch under 100

  • Good and durable build quality
  • Solar powered battery that lasts 3 years
  • Water resistance up to 330 feet
  • Multiple sensors ; compass, altimeter, barometer, and temperature


  • Physical outlook  is not very appealing; but who cares?
  • Relatively expensive
  • Non-adjustable alarm volume

This is without doubt the best hiking watch under 100 dollars due to its unique features and exemplary good performance.

Casio  SGW-1000-1ACR on is Available on AMAZON.

2. Golife Watch Best GPS watch for hiking after Garmin

GPS hiking watches are expensive.  Finding  a good one below $100 is difficult. Golife is most likely the best budget gps watch for hiking. This GPS watch suitable for both men and women. Golife is waterproof and not only suitable for hiking but also swimming, triathlons, running, walking, cycling  and gym workouts. This emerged the 2nd best hiking watch under 100 due to its premium features at a low price.

Golife emerges as  a multipurpose watch because it comes with GPS, Google Intelligent Assistant, Altimeter, Bluetooth, Barometer, E-Compass, thermometer, and a long battery life (21 days when GPS is off and 16 hours when ON). I found it to charge pretty fast.

The GPS feature is precise and performs as good iOS and android devices. You will never got lost in the forest or miss your hiking trails with this smart hiking watch. There exist many tutorial which teach people how to use GPS watches to navigate around.

Golife Watch Review and Specs

It has a built in microphone and speaker and supports smartwatch features such as  (accept or reject phone calls, texts, make calendar appointments).

The smart personalized settings also allow one to sync the Golife with other wireless devices in an easy to set up and use procedure. One’s exercise records can also be transmitted to a smart device (such as a smartphone) and shared on Twitter, Facebook, and other social media. Now you can share your hiking accomplishments with buddies using this watch. This is one of the best trekking watches.

This Golife adventurer watch is waterproof to 5ATM which means it is water resistant up to a water pressure of 5 atmospheres. This means it can withstand rain, swimming in shallow pools but not suitable for diving in deep waters. One is also not supposed to press the buttons underwater or else they will breach the water resistant feature. This comes in handy in case you get caught up in the rain while hiking.  I went swimming with it with no problem at all.

The build quality of Golife is quite good since its made from stainless steel, and PC case. The strap is made from TPU and thus scratch resistant. It is slim, comfortable to wear, and lightweight which makes one of the most preferred women’s hiking watch.

Golife’s touch screen is sensitive and responds fast to touch. The screen is also large  and the display easy to read. Though it’s a unisex watch, it is an ideal women’s hiking.

Surprisingly, despite its low price, GPS hiking watch reviews revealed that the performance of Golife GPS watch is comparable to that of Garmin Fenix 3 GPS Watch. the Garmin Fenix is quite expensive (retails around 322 USD).

Golife GPS Watch best hiking watch under 100Pros

  • Premium GPS feature
  • Water resistance up to 164 feet
  • Elegant finish
  • Smartwatch features
  • Affordable


  • Its rechargeable battery lasts 16 hours only with GPS on
  • No very resistant to shock and torture

The Golife is for hikers (both male and female) who want to gain the benefit s of a hiking watch while still maintaining a sense of style. This is not a very popular model but am sure you can see why we think this is the second best hiking watch under 100 bucks.

You can Check or BUY Golife Watch on AMAZON

3. Timex Expedition – Durable G shock hiking watch

Timex watches are built to endure any form of torture and the Timex Expedition Shock Watch (T49612) is no exception. It looks and feels good. It qualified to be our 3rd best hiking watch under 100 in this unbiased listing. This watch is designed specifically for outdoor torture tests. It has an inbuilt digital compass. Barometer, altimeter, and a thermometer are also present.

This watch also has an Indiglo light up watch dial. The Indiglo is where the backlight is an electroluminescent panel that ensures the watch dial has an even illumination.

Timex Expedition PRICE

Timex Expedition T49612 review

In general, it is water resistant and suitable for wet climRates. This is a super technical watch, although it’s also ideal for those people who are not that much technical. While there are many benefits of utilizing Timex Expedition, there are also negative aspects which hikers need to know. First, time expedition operates on satellite, when there is an obstacle on the way this accuracy is easily tampered with.

Good styling compared to other compass watches. Water resistance up to a staggering 660 feet. This feature cannot be cannot be overlooked for a hiking. Timex Expedition shock compass is digital and precise.

Based on function and price, it is the best hiking watch under 100 to have. This is the best outdoor watch which is pleasing and affordable. The watch interface is  pretty easy to figure out. Needless to say, this watch ensures that hikers have the best and less challenging hiking experience ever.

This watch is designed to  last many years. Timex expedition shock watch band is made from resin and replacements are readily available. These include the Timex Ironman triathlon watch band replacement which are usually 20mm.

It is also accompanied by one year manufacturer’s warranty. This watch is definitely the very best fit for adventure and outdoor activities.


  • AffordableTime Expendition Shock best hiking watch under 100
  • Easy to use
  • Good styling
  • Water resistance
  • Digital compass
  • Indiglo Light – up watch dial


  • Too many unnecessary stuff
  • Too tiny screen numbers
  • Satellite reliance which can be tampered with easily by different obstacle

If you want a military grade watch that can withstand any form of torture then this is the watch to go for.

You can BUY  Timex Expedition Watch on AMAZON

4. LAD Weather– Top weather forecast watch

The one watch which rules them all in most wrist watch parts and functionality. This hiking watch predicts the weather using the prevailing conditions. This is absolutely the best watch for those interested in a core ABC watch. Great and low priced.

This watch also comes in seven different colors and models. It has an inbuilt altimeter, thermometer, and digital compass.

This is literally the third best hiking watch under 100 after extensive research . Hikers should not pay attention to those people who gave this watch a bad review. This watch emerged the best hiking watch after it was  improved by the manufacturer.

LAD Weather review

This watch is most appropriate for hikers who are gamers and want a new division watch. LAD weather carries with it the most appropriate wrist watch features. The screen is solid and very nice.  The strong and durable wrist strap is also an added advantage. It takes less time to set up and to re-calibrate the thermometer, hence time saving.

Based on functionality it is absolutely the best. The altimeter and barometer works perfectly well. The buttons are large which ensures easy access particularly on dark nights. Easy to program and use especially for those users who have used other watches.

It also has a barometer which helps determine altitude and weather. Looks good and ensures large text which is easy to read. This watch is very accurate compared to the price which is very low for all these competent features. LAD Weather is also ideal because it is accompanied by one year manufacturer’s warranty. This is a perfect watch for anyone who is need of durable and reliable hiking watch.


LAD Weather best hiking watch under 100

  • Affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Convenient especially for all hikers


  • Watch is very large
  • Small watchband for most hikers
  • Fixed wrist band
  • The face is susceptible to scratches

The LAD weather as the 4th best hiking watch under 100 dollars is for people who want to stay ahead of their time. There is nothing as sweet as knowing its going to rain in the next few hours and taking the necessary precautions.


5. Dakota Watch – Best analog watch for hiking

The Dakota Company Mini Clip Microlight Watch is the only analog watch without a wrist band that made it to our listing of the best hing watches. Despite it being analog, you cannot hear any ticking sound. The watch is highly ranked when taking into considerations lightweight and uniqueness. This is without doubt the 5th best hiking watch under 100.

This watch is specifically designed for those hikers looking for uniqueness. This watch may be smacked into many different things and functionality. This watch still works well in case there is any damage to the front glass. There numerous positive comments from hikers who have used this watch for a long period of time. There are rampant welcome and captivating comments from those users who are specifically hard on watches.

Dakota Watch reviews

This watch survives horrible conditions and can undergo various cycles through the washing machine and still survive. This watch is very solidly inbuilt. Dakota amazes users due to its strong built and solid. Dakota ensures a longer battery life. In addition, it is very accurate.

Dakota is much better compared to other watches based on composition because it is made up of metal. The display is also full of valuable information; time, date and day of the week and second counting. The compass on this watch is merely decorative.

It is also visible when worn upside down. Dakota also  composes of phosphorescent numerals and dials which are ideal for dark nights. Dakota is absolutely the best outdoor watch including camping. It ensures accurate time records.

Due to the unique hook,it qualifies to be the best backpacking watch.


Dakota Mini Clip microlight best hiking watch hiking under 100

  • Solidly built
  • Lower price
  • Tough construction with heavy weight case
  • Sturdy clips
  • Scratch resistant finish and attractive
  • Bright LED light
  • Excellent battery life


  • Complicated user interface
  • Disappointing metallic straps

Dakota does not offer as many features as its competitors but its unique design including the hook makes it the 5th best hiking watch under 100 USD.

6. Casio SGW300HB 3AVCF – Best altimeter watch

Great watch for hikers who are extremely new to multi-function watches. The experienced power users should take advantage of this as well. This is our sixth best hiking watch under 100. This is definitely the best watch to fulfill several significant requirements.

Hikers can wear this watch in most scenarios without fear of losing durability. Hikers should not be afraid of sudden strap because this watch is quite affordable. This is the best watch to replace others because it is easily accessible and meets most basic needs for hiking watches.

Casio SGW300HB 3AVCF Review

This watch is very useful for people who enjoy hiking and backpacking. This watch works flawlessly, especially on backpacking trips. Fast connectivity to satellites and tracking hikes. Casio’s Men’s SGW300HB – AVCF Multi-function with Green Nylon band meets work, casual and outdoor requirements. Likewise, this watch is also ideal for those people who don’t want rubber and plastic straps.

In addition,  Casio SGW 300HB can also be illuminated in the dark to ensure glow and as an added advantage for hikers to take temperature readings. This watch meets and exceeds hiker’s expectations. This watch is also ideal for outdoor beginners both men and women. This watch is also ideal for hikers looking for specialized features such as localized temperature readings.

It is also suitable for people whose budgets are very tight especially on outdoor watches. Hikers that need a balance between great features and durability. It has an inbuilt altimeter which helps in ascertaining altitudes achieved. This watch also has a feel of Military issued gear. It composes all positive aspects of Casio’s Flagship watch “G” shock. It has more functions and comfortable strap.

The watch frame is very durable. The strap is also made from strong fabric with stainless belt latch. This watch is ideal for both techy nerds and outdoor adventure.


Casio SGW300HB-3AVCF best hiking watch under 100

  • Highly accurate barometer
  • Accurate altimeter
  • Functions can be easily navigated
  • Strong and comfortable straps


  • Inaccurate thermometer due to its proximity to hiker’s skin
  • Bulky frames on the medium sized wrist
  • Cheap strap clamps and slides

8. Casio SGW 100-1V – Cheap hiking watch

Magnificent watch, lightweight, and very comfortable. Casio SGW 100 1v Twin Sensor Digital Watch is a multi-sport exercise watch.  It has an inbuilt thermometer and compass. These features are essential when there is need to record temperature and direction.

This watch qualified to be the 8th best hiking watch under 100 dollars due to its fair performance and low price.

Casio SGW-100 Review

The compass is quite accurate, which can compete fairly with handheld compasses. The thermometer also gives a good estimate of the temperature range around hikers. The watch is waterproof and hikers should not mind wearing it when going swimming and taking showers. Water seal works well in wading freezing waters.

Although there are numerous advantages of owing Casio Men’s SGW 100-1V,  there are some downfalls too. These watches releases terrible noises when placed near electronic objects or when inside the car. The watch is also quite bulky compared to other hiking watches. This watch is great, though some hikers were a bit hesitant when it was first refurbished.

It is specifically designed to track hiker’s activities. It monitors heart rate in running mode which is super informative. Hikers who are triathletes can also benefit from this watch by using it in multi-sport tracking that is running, cycling, and swimming.

This watch does not slide anyhowly under vigorous activities. The strap is made up of nylon and Velcro so it’s custom fit, and somewhat breathable. Battery efficient and great light works.


Casio SGW100-1V Twin Sensor best hiking watch under 100

  • Efficient batteries
  • Affordable
  • Durable straps
  • Great lights


  • Bulky
  • Weird thermometer noises when placed near large electrical objects


The hiking watches are known as outdoor or even trekking watches. Hiking watches are highly recommended for hikers by professionals including American national wild reserve agents. You cannot afford to lose track of time or the actual foot track.

There you have it, our unbiased listing showing the best hiking watch under 100. Enjoy your hike.

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