Best Fidget Toys 2019 [Review]- Buyer’s Guide

best fidget toys for adults and kids spinner cube Maybe you or your kid has been going through extreme anxiety and stress when faced with daunting tasks such as work or studies. You definitely need the best fidget toys before your health goes down the drain.

Fidget toys are tiny gizmos  that are used to keep both children and adults busy. They are number one toys for relieving stress. They have been found to help learners stay focused in school.

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Research has shown that fidgeting, foot wagging, toe tapping and other unique body movements are good for your health.Some people wonder if fidgeting leads to loss of concentration but research shows that actually it does exactly the opposite. Fidgeting helps people stay focused in their tasks; may  it be listening to the teacher, thinking hard during an exam, brainstorming in a group project, name them.  However, to accomplish all these with minimal effort, you need nothing short of the best fidget toys.

Best Fidget Toys for Adults and Kids

These toys are mostly referred to as fidget toys for ADHD due their benefits to those people suffering from ADHD, autism, anxiety and other related issues. The fidget spinners and other fidget toys are a new craze in town and almost every child wants one. Some people constantly get bored after doing the same thing for long and ends up getting distracted by their phones or nails. This diminishes their concentration beforehand.

The best fidget toys are useful in keeping one’s hand busy at school, in the office, while traveling, and at home. Someone might ask, what is adhd? ADHD is the short form for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. This mental condition usually affects children and teenagers where they face challenges controlling their impulses.

What to look for in Fidget Toys when Doing a Selection

The brain of a kid suffering from ADHD is a powerful component if utilized well and can be very productive. Distractions to this type of brain results to the loss of focus. It is advisable to look for interesting toys that will help them keep focused at school. The same kids tools are suitable fidget toys for anxiety. The best suited fitted fidget toys should be:

Safe-The fidget toy ought to be within the safe limits for kids so that they will not be choked and parents or guardians should avoid those toys which are likely to snap and sting a child.

Silent-A good toy ought to be silent so that it can be used in the class without causing disturbances.

Tactile- It should not be very visual as the kid’s eyes should remain focused on the teacher.

Unobtrusive– Kids with ADHD rarely wants attention which means that the toy should ideally fit a fist.

Teacher-approved- A parent should talk to the teacher before letting their kids take the toys with them to school.

These factors were considered in the review of the best fidget toys. The fidget toys recommended below are very useful for people suffering from adhd in addition to adhd medications. The fidget toys are also very good for people who just want to have fun, excitement, improve their concentration, avoid unproductive distractions, eliminate boredom, make their kids happy again, keep up with the current craze in town, look cool, and so much more. Let’s get fidgeting.

Fidget Toys Review

We purchased and tested tens of toys selected based on customer reviews to come up with the best fidget toys in 2017. They include spinners, cubes, and springs.  The factors considered in reviewing the toys included but not limited to spinning duration, noise level, size, shape, tightness of the bearings, and durability. Our pick for the top fidget toy is the ATESSON Fidget Spinner Toy.

1. ATESSON – Best Fidget Spinner to Buy

This is the leading 3 sided fidget spinner for those people who want to spin the best. It too the first position in our listing of the best fidget toys. This fidget toy meets the majority of the desirable features such as quietness while spinning. Making minimal noise and being almost silent means that ATESSON Fidget Spinner Toy can be used in public places such as schools, hospitals, offices without distracting other people. The majority of the fidget spinners are poorly designed and made which results to noise during spinning but not this spinner. However, this fidget spinner is made from ABS plastic through injection moulding. The product has a good finish and more durable as compared to other common 3D printed fidget spinners.

In terms of spinning duration, this product was found to spin for an average of 3 to 4 mins depending on how much force was used. It is also small and easy to carry around even among adhd medications. It also well balanced making it suitable for use on different points such as the finger tips, forehead, and the knee among others.

The Atesson Fidget Spinner comes in a pack of three different colours (red, yellow, and black) which means that your kids or you get a variety to choose from at an affordable price. This toy is suitable for kids because it does not have small removable parts which would otherwise be swallowed by kids. All the parts are rigidly fixed. Each fidget spinner retails  around 7 USD on Amazon. With this set of fidget toys you get a toy story to tell your friends.

The disadvantage that comes with this fidget spinner is that it is quite visual and obtrusive which means that it is not very suitable for use at school by autism and adhd kids. However, it is very suitable for use at home or other secluded or non-regulated places where distractions are allowed.

If this does not get your nerves all chilled out the only thing you can do is to be taught how to make a fidget toy, spinner, using a $700 dollar iPhone 7 by EverythingApplePro. This is a DIY fidget toy that leaves people intrigued.  It seems cool but damn expensive.

2. Zekpro 360 Spinner Toy – Spins for More than 4 mins

Our testing showed that the second best fidget toy is the Zekpro anti-anxiety 360 spinner toy. This spinner is made of stainless steel bearings that enables it to spin ultra-smoothly. The flicking is easy and soft to the hands due to an ergonomic shape which is made for comfort. Dropping it on hard floors does not seem to affect its performance as it is built to be used for a long time.

This toy helps people to put their worries aside and keep focused on the important things such as school work or a job. It fits perfectly in one’s palm and can be carried in the pocket to various places. The manufacturer offers a one year warranty and thus can be returned in case of any defects. Check the price Zekpro spinner toy on Amazon.

This is supposedly the best fidget spinner on AMAZON. If this is not cool enough for you let me direct you to someone, PressTube, who can teach you how to make a fidget toy having a freaking Batman shape and golden finish. Get flying.

3. Tepoinn Fidget Cube – Toy For All Places

This was the 3rd best fidget toy in this category of the best fidget toys. It is likely to meet all your fidgeting needs. This desk toy was found to be quite addictive and innovative as it has several functionalities. This one of the most used by kids among the fidget toys for adhd. The Tepoinn Fidget Cube has a total of six faces which have different functions.

Switch– This offers switches which are similar to ON/0FF switches and can be turned for multiple times.

Fidget Cube Toy in Best fidget toys
Fidget Cube Toy

Roll – This face has 3 spinners and 1 rolling ball for clicking.

Click-This face has clickers where 3 of them make sounds while 2 are silent for use in public places without disturbing other people.

Glide- This face has a game module-like joystick which is smooth and can be rotated in different directions leaving as satisfying feeling. This is very ideal for gamers.

Sooth- This face looks like worry stones and is ideal for rubbing thereby relieving any form of anxiety.

The different features offered by this fidget toy means that it can be used for different purposes and at different places. It offers unlimited options for a user. The main advantage is the different features which means that the toy eliminates boredom. Whether one is a roller, a clicker, a spinner, a flicker or everything altogether the fidget toy is good for you. The others toys are likely to be boring due to the use of the same feature over and over again.

The Tepoinn Attention Fidget Cube Toy is also unobtrusive as it attracts minimal attention. It is also tactile whereby the kid doesn’t have to look at it when fidgeting which means that they can stay focused on their teacher. The majority of the functions are silent thereby making this toy suitable for use at school. The only disadvantage noticed with this fidget toy is that it can be misused where someone can decide to click click click in a public place thereby irritating the people around them.

You might be asking, ‘Where can I buy a fidget cube?’. Relax, fidget cubes are available in plenty  on AMAZON.

4. Galactic Globe – Silent Therapeutic Fidget toy

Our team of testers and reviewers found this Galactic Globe Fidget toy to be in fourth position in terms of performance in this unbiased review of the best fidget toys. This is a therapeutic fidget toy that offers multisensory options. It is made in the form of kinetic springs and has attracted significant attention on various sale outlets due to its unique design.  The Galactic Globe by Galactic Toys company was found to be a simple gadget but soo much fun to use.

The Galactic Globe comes in different colours which include Purple, Chameleon Gold and Sky Blue. It is indeed a globe as it has unique spherical rings. The Globe was found to distract people from stresses and bring happiness to their faces. The Galactic Globe Fidget Toy is both palpable and visually pleasing which calms people’s nerves when doing demanding tasks such as studies or work. Reviews by parents has show that they consider it to be one of the leading fidget toys for adhd.

Galactic Globe Fidget Toy

The toy is relatively easy to open and close and one can slide the rings into their hands and then open them followed by rolling up and down. It feels awesome. The testers found it nice to hold the rings loosely in their palms and open and close repeatedly. It was found to be soothing to hold with two hands and create a sphere by opening it halfway. This is a great, smooth, and magnificent fidget toy. The Galactic Globe Fidget Toy is approved in the majority of the school as it is very quiet and rarely causes any disturbances. The only disadvantage is that it might be quite big to be taken to school but very good for home use. It retails at  a good price which is really worth the relaxation and fun it offers. Check it out on AMAZON.

Our Take: It is highly recommended for anyone to obtain at least one of these fidget toys to lead a healthy life. One can also consider acquiring various types since we have seen they offer different services and benefits.  Lets keep fidgeting. Lets happiness be our portion!

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