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Best Dash Cam ReviewsDo you want to catch the insurance scammers who throw themselves in front of your speeding car to get compensated? Have you ever wished that you recorded those rogue and careless drivers who caused an accident and blamed or implicated you? This is why you need the best dash cam for your vehicle.

Am also still going to ask, do you want to record your interaction with the police officers on the go? What about record the license plates of vehicles that exposed you to danger?  You definitely need a good dashcam.

Best Dash Cam Reviews

If you become a victim of car insurance fraud, you pay. It is important to learn more about fraud protection.  Only then, you can protect yourself from others. Rogue people may want you to be a part of their next car insurance accident fraud scam. The police have been using dashboard cameras too. You have to consider arming yourself with a dashboard camera.

What is a Dash Cam?

A dash cam, car DVR, dashboard camera, or dashcam is a type of an onboard camera that records the occurrences surrounding a vehicle through the windscreen or sideways. It is considered to be the black box of a car. They are designed such that they can be attached inside a vehicle on the windscreen or on top of the dashboard. This can be done using either an adhesive-tape mount or a suction cup. Dash cams are important gadgets for ensuring your safety on the road.

Rexing V1 Dash Cam Reviews
Rexing V1 Dash Cam (Best Dash Cam)

It can be a crucial tool for ensuring safety on the road and expediting proceedings with the courts and insurance companies in case of an accident. Dashcams may provide video evidence in the event of a road accident. During parking, some dash cams still can capture video evidence if vandalism act is detected such as the Z-Edge z3.

Why Should you Trust Us?

I (team leader) happen to be a graduate mechatronics engineer from a top university. I possess vast knowledge and experience in analyzing, standard testing, and reviewing gadgets, devices, and gizmos.  I come with a small team of experts. You may also check of review of the best video doorbells in the world.

How We Did the Select the Best Dash Cam

To execute top notch best dash cam reviews, we acquired and tested 15 dash cams and picked the best dashcam which will suit most people. We recorded footage during the day and at night around the streets of Trenton. Our top pick for the best dash cam is Rexing V1 Car Dash Cam. The first runners up dashboard camera is the KDLINKS X1 dashboard camera and second runners up is the Z-Edge Z3 car dash cam.

Table Showing the Best Dash Cams

Dash CamImageField of ViewResolutionScreen sizePrice
Rexing V1
Dash Cam
Rexing V1 Dash Cam
Check Price on Amazon
KDLINKS X1 dash cam
KDLINKS X1 dash cam
Check Price on Amazon
Z-Edge Z3 dash Cam
Z-Edge Z3 dash Cam
145°1080p 2K Full HD3.0”$$
Check Price on Amazon

We started by evaluating the most popular dash cams in the market based on people who have bought and used them. We the narrowed down to our own testing and performance analysis to settle on only the best dash dashcam which offers value for the money. We were looking for reliable and well-designed cameras being sold at a reasonable price, around $100. We wanted something that required minimal setup and usage time and smart enough to record videos immediately the car is turned on or once they detected a motion near a parked vehicle.

The best dash cam we selected offers a good video quality which is far better than cheap cameras (those below $20) and comparable to the quality offered by expensive models (those retailing above $160). Majority of the expensive cameras were found to offer unnecessary options. We tried our best to ensure that the dashcams selected have a highly reputable manufacture who also offer warranty for their products. This was to ensure that in case you go for those cameras you are assured of assistance in case you experience any issues.

This is an authoritative review where we have consulted experts, talked to company representatives, interacted with sellers to determine the source of our dash cameras before we tested them. We also went through verified customer reviews on such sites as Amazon which offer genuine reviews on dash cams.

Things to Look For in a DashCam

They include:

  • Camera resolution so that you can obtain high quality footage.
  • The types of lens use, either single, or multiple lens.
  • Additional features such as G-force sensors (auto-detection during an accident), parking mode, battery or capacitors, night vision, field of view (FOV), motion sensor (when parked), discreet placement, and GPS
  • The extension for a rear camera to see those people who are tailgating you.

A high resolution, let’s say 2560×1080,  21:9, coupled with appropriate lens is significantly useful in capturing such things as license plates. The camera ought to have an extensive field of view (FOV) in the range of 120° to 170°. However, the FOV should be average such as the one offered by our runners up model the Z-Edge Z3 (145° FOV). This is to avoid loss of real estate (at a small angle) or distortion (at a very large angle).  We excluded the models that possessed the right features but lacked good quality video.

The mounting options were also considered and the two main methods included adhesive and suction.  The use of adhesive was found to use less space, allow the dash cam to remain discrete (not easily noticeable from outside), and avoid the camera blocking the driver. However, the use of adhesives usually limit the rotation of the dash cam which will prevent you from capturing the side shows such as interacting with the police officers during a pull over. The installation using an adhesive requires you to be keen and precise. This is because it is not easily adjustable and cannot be removed easily.

We recommend that you consider using a small suction mount because you can adjust and focus it on the point of interest and you can remove it without much hustle if you have to do so.

The Best DASH CAM We Selected

Every dash cam we selected switches on and starts recording automatically when the car’s ignition is turned on and the process comes to an end when the vehicle is turned off. The selected dash cams loop the recorded footages such that when the memory fills up, the old files are deleted systematically. You can pre-set dashcam to record clips have different lengths such as 1 minute, upto 10 minutes. We also recommended Dash Cams that come with an accelerometer to initiate footage protection during an accident. Like a black box.

Dash cams need a source of power to run and the majority come with an inbuilt battery. We discovered that those dash cameras that come with a USB cable and an inbuilt battery to be more user-friendly since they can be installed and removed with minimal effort. The cable should be at least 45 inches so that it can go around the windscreen rather than across it. The better models come with a dual-port USB adapter (compatible with a12-volt car jack) and an appropriate cable. The USB cable allows the user to use a USB port if their vehicle has one. A dual-port adapter ensures that one can plug other devices together with the dash cam such as charging their phones.

1. Rexing V1– Best Dash Cam You can Get Right Now

From our intensive dash cam reviews, Rexing V1 emerged as the best dash cam for the money. It is a budget dashboard camera which is usually sold at a price slightly less than 100 USD. This is a wide angle dash cam made by an American company named RexingUSA. This cam is highly innovative especially its stealth wedge design which makes it to blend in the windscreen.

It is not easily noticeable from outside and the scammers wouldn’t be aware that they are being recorded. This dash cam is also a wide dynamic range (WDR) cam that records a clear 1080p HD video at 30 frames per second. It comes with a 170 degree wide angle lens which gives sufficient details about the things happening around the car.

It has a G-SENSOR which means that it automatically detects collisions and locks as well as saves the crucial video files to be retrieved later. You will not lose the proof that you were on the right side. It has a 2.4 inch screen which is important when setting up the dashcam and preview the field of view.

best dash cam
Rexing V1 DashCams

The Rexing V1 best dash cam records video clips in loops of either 10, 5 or 3 minutes depending on how it is  set by the user. It can run a memory card of up to 128 GB which translates to a recording spanning to 40 hours for 720p video and 22 hours for 1080p video. The Rexing V1 dashboard camera records a clear sound. I could clearly hear my interactions with my passengers and other road users when I prayed the videos on my computer. The sound recording can be turned off.

The best dash cam comes in two colors, a Matte Black with dull black button and Gloss black with a brighter red button. The Matte black was found to be more desirable since it is more stealth and the black button is not bright and thus rarely distracts one when driving at night. The feel on the gloss black version was not very impressive in terms of quality and fingerprint marks are left on the camera. The Matte black camera has a very good finish. We give this dashboard camera a 5 star rating.

Our dash cam reviews showed that Rexing V1 dash cam has proven to be a very desirable camera for a significant number of people. It has received thousands of 5 star ratings on popular retailers. It also offers media playback and one can rewind or fast-forward a clip 2 or 4 times.  It turns immediately on igniting the car and starts recording very fast. The dashcam is also weather proof and it has been found to withstand a range of weather conditions. It can operate in temperatures of upto 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

It comes with a 3M adhesive tape for mounting. This is better than suction cups since it occupies less space and the camera can be fixed on the windscreen just behind the rear-view mirror. It has an inbuilt SONY EXMOR IMX323 Video Sensor which is a great sensor for the production of high quality video recordings during the day and at night.

The only shortcomings noticed is its short battery life (5minutes) which means that it will not be recording the happenings when your car is left in the parking lot. The adhesive tape also requires one to be keen when fixing the mirror as it is not easily adjustable. To solve this problem, you can buy a double sided tape which can be readjusted and stronger. The tape rarely releases the cam even during hot days.

The Rexing V1 is also light weight and incase it comes off it can’t cause much damage to the user or car.  Unlike suction mounts, the camera cannot be tilted to the sides to record happenings to the side of the vehicle. This version does not come with a rear camera like its bigger brother the Rexing V1P.  The Rexing V1P is the best front and rear dash cam.

Rexing V1 dash cam qualifies to be your roadside eyewitness at a very friendly price. After using and testing it for 2 months I rarely notice it exists in my car. It is priced well at around 99.98 USD.  Check its current price on AMAZON.

2. KDLINKS X1– Has an Accident Auto-Detection & Lock Feature

The KDLINKS X1 is our second best dash cam due to its unique features (such as built in GPS) and reliability both during the day and at night. It is also a very popular brand on Amazon with a thousands of positive reviews (an average of 4.4/5 stars) but we choose to give it 4.7 stars due to its exemplary good performance. It records a high resolution 1920 by 1080 HD video.  The dashcam also comes with a free 8 GB SD card unlike the majority of other dashboard cameras.  It offers a wide field of view (165 degrees). It has superb night vision capability due to it 1.6 six glass lens and Wide Dynamic Range (WDR).


The customer service at KDlinks is also great and they were found to be willing to help at any one point. The dash cam also comes with 1 year warranty. The video recorded by the X1 is relatively good but somehow over-exposed at the default settings. This might require you to change the settings to suit the quality of videos and images you want to obtain from the dashcam. This dashcam was also found to have a minor issue of the fish-eye which can be attributed to the significantly wide field of view. This was solved by using a de-fishing filter in the video software and one can also use standalone fish eye flatteners from such providers as DeFishr and Mercalli.

The X1 is small, light, and thin coupled with a mildly conspicuous locking suction mount which is easy to adjust. This means that one can rotate the dashcam to face any direction they want including sideways to capture interactions with pedestrians or the law enforcers. The dashcam turns on immediately you ignite your vehicle.

There are many reasons why you should choose the X1 over other dash cams. The built in GPS suction mount means that you will not have any more ugly cables on your dashboard and windscreen as compared to other brands. The built-in GPS captures GPS data into your images and video clips. We found out that you can also check the location of the vehicle, the route, and speed on Google Maps using a KDLINKS Dash Cam Player that comes with the unit. However, you can also turn off the GPS if you wish. The G-sensor detects sudden movements and locks your footage in case of an accident. It was also very good at reading license plates and one could identify the plates for vehicles upto 22 metres away from the video. Very useful in case you want to present the video to the authorities as evidence.

Our dash cam reviews showed that the KDLINKS X1 is a relatively reliable dash cam that definitely meets a significant number of requirements for various users.

3. Z-EDGE Z3 –  Parking Monitor (For cars left at risky parking lots)

Our best dash cam reviews showed that the Z-EDGE Z3 dash cam is the 3rd best dash cam. The dash camera records high quality 2k and 1080p videos at 45, 30, or 60 frames per second. It has a wide angle lens which captures footage at 145 degrees. Its LCD screen is 3 inches. It has an internal battery which charges when the car is running but the battery does not last long after the car is switched. It was found to last between 15 to 20 mins when fully charged.

The battery is mainly used for parking monitor where the camera starts recording when vibration is detected when your car is left in the parking lot. The dash cam avoid features the manufactures believe are not very necessary such as GPS. The dash cam comes with a 32GB misroSD card, 34” microUSB data cable, 12.5′ miniUSB power-cable, a suction cup mount, a double USB cigarette lighter car battery charger and 4 sticky cable guides.

Z-Edge Z3 Dash Cam

The suction cup bracket can be fixed anywhere on the windscreen or dashboard and one can position the camera in any direction through the use of a ball joint.  The camera turns on and starts recording immediately the car is turned on. One has the option to mute the microphone using a one touch button for personal privacy. It comes with a suction cup mount which allows you to rotate the cam through 360 degrees.

It was discovered that the settings menus were pretty simple to browse and change. The camera was found to do well when the card used is class 6 and above. The Z-Edge Z3 cam can work with SD cards going upto 64GB. We used a 32 GB card to record HD footages spanning to 275 MINUTES. It has the loop recording capability where the old footage is deleted and replaced with recent footage when the cam detects that the SD card is full.

This dash cam is recommended for people who want to record very fine details on their cameras and those that are worried that somebody might tamper with their car in the parking lot. It is an ideal parking monitor to catch those people who mess with cars in the parking lot. Talk about those out to scratch your bonnet, thieves out to steal the valuables you leave in the car among others. Go catch them on tape, have a stress free drive and parking.

FYI, soon all cars in America and other countries might be required by law to have a dash cam. The same way we have black boxes in aeroplanes. There are very many reasons why everyone needs a car dash cam. Dash cam reviews by cnet has actually given more than 5 reasons why people need dash cameras.

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