Gadget reviews technology products The SnippingTech is a summarized but detailed listing of the best gadgets and other technological products. This site is for people who have the desire to buy the best. The reviewed products have gone through unbiased testing and analysis with the aim of choosing nothing else but the very best. This is the cutting edge of gadgets and gizmos.

A Brief History of The SnippingTech

The idea to start “The SnippingTech” came to my mind when I (Amos Denis) came across a video on Facebook. The video was that of a person riding on an electric unicycle. It looked very cool. A compact one wheel scooter that could take someone anywhere across town. I thought, ‘I must get myself one’. Then a second issue followed, ‘which is the best electric unicycle worth my money?’. That is when it hit my mind that several other people might be having a similar problem about different technical products.

As an engineer, I like and have been trained to solve problems. I decided to start a site to review products and recommend the best to the people. This site is based on engineering principles which include standardized testing and analysis. It was meant to snip (separate) the good from the bad. That is how the name The SnippingTech was born. This is ‘The cutting edge of gadgets and gizmos’.

About The SnippingTech

If you are trying to find the best product that will meet most if not all of your needs, then this the site for you. A significant number of people usually go for products recommended by their spouses, extended family members, friends or even teachers. This is a good option but it comes with its shortcomings. These people will just recommend the products they have used. There is a high chance that majority of them have just a limited variety of the products. What is best to them is not necessarily the very best. At The SnippingTech, we acquire and test dozens of products. This ensures we only recommend the best.

The huge work involved means that I had to seek the help of other people to help me accomplish this noble cause. The SnippingTech contains contributions of a small group of highly trained people. They come with such expertise as procurement, online research, and scientific analysis among others.

We dedicate so much time and resources to researching and testing products. You are also special to have had the opportunity to do your own research and read unbiased reviews on our site. This gives you the opportunity to acquire only those products worth your money. No one can afford to buy a substandard product which will break down as soon as it leaves the shop.

About the Main Author ‘Amos Denis’

Amos Denis is a typical millennial who has an insatiable thirst for the fine things in life. He is a graduate mechatronics engineer from a leading university. He possesses vast experience in research, testing, and analysis of technological products especially electronics and electromechanical systems.

Technology has always been in his blood from as early as 5th-grade student where he used to tinker with gadgets at home. As a kid, some of the electronics he laid his hands on either recovered or were dead forever. His mother was always shouting, ‘What did you do to this one?’ He was like, ‘I improved it, I wanted to be better’. Mother, ‘This looks better to you?!’ His father usually intercepted, ‘You have to learn to do these technical things for you to accomplish your goals’.  His quest for knowledge in this area pushed him to engineering school. Trust me, he built an award-winning space cleaning robot while at Campus.

Enough of that, let’s go to The SnippingTech, it is a continuation Amos’ quest for exploring technological products. The idea of developing this site is to provide honest and unbiased details about various technological products. Amos wants this site to be the final destination for people who are deciding the best item to pick. Whether it’s a scooter, an electric unicycle, a video doorbell, an Android Auto Head Unit, a selfie drone, a dash cam, a backup camera, or some other type of technology product. Be sure to find unique reviews here at The SnippingTech.

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