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There is nothing more satisfying than a safe and smart home. A smart video doorbell ensures those two important requirements for a modern home are met with minimal effort. If you stumbled on my site you are most likely searching for reviews of the best video doorbells in the world. You are at the right place and at the right time. I have researched, previewed, interacted with doorbell buyers, and tested tens of doorbell models. I have evaluated various types of video doorbells including a WiFi doorbell, a camera doorbell, and a wireless video doorbell. This analysis revealed the best video doorbells.  Our top pick, after a thorough video doorbell reviews, is the Ring Video Doorbell Pro.

Ring Video Doorbell Pro review
Ring Video Doorbell Pro

What is a Video Doorbell?

A smart video doorbell is an alert device which is fixed near the door to a house’s entrance. This device has an embedded video camera, motion detectors, two-way audio elements (microphone plus speaker), a smartphone app to manage the system and the actual doorbell.

The most recent intelligent doorbells detects someone’s presence automatically or when the person rings the doorbell. The doorbell device then sends a notification to the owner’s smartphone and instantly initiates a live video feed from the entrance. This enables the owner to interact with the visitor or an intruder whether you are at home or many kilometers away.

The majority of the video doorbells we analyzed were found to record and save the entire conversation for several days on a remote server managed by the company. Several companies are also developing features where a user can subscribe (at a small fee) for cloud-storage of their videos for a long time. See the table below for a comparison of top video doorbells including skybell vs ring.

The top video doorbells that we carefully selected are shown below

Best Video Doorbells Comparison Table

Video DoorbellPictureResolutionField of viewCloud storage Motion detect ReliabilityPrice
Ring Pro
Ring pro
Ring pro
1080p160°Six months
@ $3/month for Basic Plan
@$10/month for Protect Plan (Covers unlimited Ring doorbells)

Check Price on Amazon
Skybell HD
Skybell HD Doorbell
1080p180° 1 week for free96%Check Price on Amazon
Zmodo Greet720p155°No cloud storage. Videos available for 1 day for free.92%Check Price on Amazon

Why do I need a Video Doorbell?

The modern doorbells have proven to be a very useful bunch. The majority have motion sensors which detects when a person shows up at your front door at any time whether during the day or at the middle of the night. The sensors mostly use pass infrared signals which enables them to work at various conditions including pitch darkness. This feature will ensure that you will always know what is happening at your front door. You will know when your visitor arrives even before they press the button. You will get notified when your kids arrive from school. You will know when your Amazon, or USPS package has been delivered (you won’t miss catching the package thieves this time round). You will know when the naughty neighborhood teens are about to pull a prank at the front of your house. You will not miss seeing such intruders as burglars and thieves and taking the right action.

Why You Should Trust Me

I happen to be a graduate engineer from a top university. I possess vast knowledge and experience in analyzing, standard testing, and reviewing gadgets, devices, and gizmos. You may also check my review of the best selfie drones in the world.

What to Look For In a Video Doorbell before Buying

The features to look for in video doorbell reviews include camera resolution, weather proofing, video feed features, field of view, sound capability, motion detection, night vision, wifi range, and easiness to install. These factors were considered in the selection for the best doorbell with video.

a. Camera resolution

An ideal video doorbell should have a high camera resolution. This will ensure that the images and videos obtained from the live feed are clear and of high quality. This will ensure that one can manage to identity people’s faces. The resolution ought to be something like 720p but the best is 1080p HD video.

b.Weather Proofing

A good camera doorbell ought to be weather proof and suited to various weather conditions. This is because the wireless doorbell will most likely be installed outside the house and exposed to various weather conditions such as sunlight, precipitation, snow, and varying temperatures among others. The majority of the doorbells are waterproofed for light rain droplets especially on the lens and coatings to prevent rust. Those doorbells are ideal for people who live in a region dominated by temperate climate.

If you live in a region whose season weather varies greatly accompanied by huge variations in the amount of precipitation and temperature differences you ought to consider. The operating temperatures for the doorbell is also important since some devices can’t endure a winter in Maine or direct sunlight in Arizona. You would hate to have a $200+ device break over one season. A good example is the fact that the Ring Video Doorbell Pro has a temperature range of -5 to 120°F while Skybell HD has a range of -40 to 150°F. This means that the Skybell HD is more suited for people living in areas experiencing extreme temperatures. It is advisable to go for a wifi doorbell that can perform well in both extremely hot and cold conditions due to global warming which has recently caused unpredictable weather patterns. A well weather proofed doorbell with video will serve you for a longer period of time and you can depend on it to offer continued security for your home.

c. Video Feed Features

Wireless Video doorbell reviews
Using a video doorbell and Smartphone to watch the entrance

These features include having the options to use your smartphone (with an app), or personal computer to monitor the live video or fixing a monitor on the wall to view the videos. Almost all video doorbell models show live video feed of the activities taking place at the door but only a selected few will let you record a video of the people showing up at your door, take their picture or communicate with them using a built-in intercom. A good wireless video doorbell should let you monitor your home from any place including the office. I interacted with one customer (Irene) who uses a Ring Video Doorbell Pro to monitor her house. Irene told me how she once intercepted an attempted robbery at her home from the comfort of her office. The doorbell had detected someone at her doorstep and sent a notification to her iPhone. On close inspection she noticed that the person looked suspicious as he was wearing a hood and covering his hand. She initiated the sound interface and asked the stranger what they wanted. The suspect covered their face and claimed that they were looking for Mike and started retreating. Irene did not know any person named Mike in the hood. Irene called 911 and shared the 1080p HD video with the police. They had never seen such a clear video before.  The suspect was later arrested, charged and sent to jail. Thanks to Ring Video Doorbell Pro. It is up to you to have an idea of the security level needed at your house.

d. Night Vision

The best wireless video doorbell comes with LEDs or infrared night vision which enables one to see people at the doorstep at night. Infrared night vision is better than LEDs since it is unobtrusive and not easily noticed at night. LEDs are like lighting the front space with a bulb.

e. Field of View

SkyBell Video Doorbell Reviews on performance 180 degrees view on entrance
SkyBell HD video doorbell 180 degrees view

This is the capture angle of doorbell with camera. A significant number doorbells have a 90 degrees field of view but the best doorbells offer a view of upto 180 degrees.Most doorbells are positioned just next to the door in a perpendicular position. A wide field of view ensures that you are able to watch a larger area including those people who might be standing off-center.

f. Sound Capability

The best video doorbell should offer 2-way audio which will enable two-way communication between you and the person standing at your doorstep. Some doorbells such as the Ring Pro have a noise cancellation feature which makes it crystal clear.  The other thing is the doorbell sound (chime). Video doorbell reviews shows that some doorbell models use your existing doorbell sound, some come with their own ringtones or sound options while others will require you to buy a chime. The best camera doorbell should allow you to wire it to the existing charm or offer free sound options to avoid on any extra costs. The doorbell should also allow you to shut of the sound notification at will just in case your child presses it.

g. Installation

SkyBell HD video doorbell reviews
The SkyBell HD and its Installation Kit

The best doorbells should be easy to install. Our top pick doorbells such as the Ring Pro Doorbell and Skybell HD Doorbell come with a complete installation kit which include screw drivers, proprietary security screws to prevent theft and a mounting brackets.

Which are the best video doorbells?

Below are the top picks based on the best video doorbell reviews. The ideal features mentioned above were used to select the top camera doorbell.

1.Ring Video Doorbell Pro

The Ring Video Doorbell Pro is one of the bestselling wireless video doorbell. This doorbell is an updated version of the Ring Doorbell which are products made by Ring company. The company was founded by James Siminoff in 2013 and funded by such people as the renowned Richard Branson (CEO, Virgin Atlantic). Branson was impressed by its performance at a friend’s place and had to contact Siminoff for a deal. This shows that the device quite impressive.

Ring (older model) steals the show

The Ring Video Doorbell Pro offers more useful features which makes intruders think that you never leave your home. This camera doorbell comes with a 1080p HD video as compared to the 720p offered by its predecessor. The doorbell also comes with both a 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi connection. This is the product am currently using at my house and it offers an ultimate Ring experience. It comes in 5 different colors and the faceplates are interchangeable which means you can select the color that best matches with your wall.

It has a two-way audio with noise cancellation capability which offers smooth communication with the outside world at different conditions including wind. The motion sensors used are more sensitive than the previous version and perform 98% of all the time. You can also customize the motion zones to select the areas you want to detect motion. Just draw a shape around the area you care about.

Ring Pro (Latest Model)

The Ring Pro Doorbell has an inbuilt night vision which uses LEDs. Testing the doorbell at night showed a clear image of the front yard up to 4 meters. Pro is also weather proof and operates satisfactory at a range of temperatures -5°F to 120°F (-21°C to 48°C). Splashing water on the unit did not seem to affect its performance due to a well-sealed casing.

The Ring Pro offers ideal video feed options which include answering the door from anywhere including your house, office, abroad gym or even vacation spot. You will be getting instant alerts when someone triggers the in-built motion sensors or presses your doorbell.  I was able to see, hear and speak with people at my front door from my iPhone using an iOs app. However, the Ring Video Doorbell Pro is also compatible with Android, Windows 10 and Mac devices. You will just need to install an app on your compatible device. It offers a video on demand with its live view feature. If you don’t want burglars to break into your house when you not at home you can just answer the Ring Pro doorbell and act like you are home.

Ring Motion Detection Area Selection

Can I use the Ring Pro and watch the recorded videos on my desktop computer?

Yes you can. The live view works on Windows 10 if you install the Ring app from the Microsoft app store for free.

The Ring Pro offers Video Recording Plans in case you want to save your videos and share them later with your family, friends, neighbors or even the police. The company offers the Basic and Protect plans where videos are saved for up to to six months in their secure cloud computing servers. The Basic plan is for people who have one Ring Pro doorbell with video and costs the user $3 per month. The Protect Plan is for people who have several Ring Doorbells and it costs $10 per month. These plans have a 30 day free trial. When you subscribe to these plans you can access your videos anytime anywhere.

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If I don’t sign up for a Ring Video Recording Plan, will I still get alerts?

Yes. You’ll still get alerts when visitors press your Doorbell or trigger the motion sensors but your videos will not be saved for future use.

However, the Ring Pro Doorbell has some cons which include a smaller field of view (160°) as compared to initial Ring Doorbell which offered 180°. The reduction in field of view was due to the redesigning the casing to have a smaller unobtrusive doorbell. Ring also eliminated a battery in the Ring Pro which means that it has to be wired to the existing doorbell power supply (16-24 VAC). This is not a big problem as most houses have a pre-installed doorbell power supplies at the same voltage rating.

Live video feed on phone from Ring Video Doorbell pro
Live Video feed from Ring Pro

The Ring Pro secures your home with a Bank-Grade encryption. The best thing is that Ring Company will replace your Pro for free just in case it gets stolen as long as you make a report with the police or other relevant authorities.

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2. SkyBell HD WiFi Video Doorbell

This is my next top pick in this series of video doorbell reviews. The SkyBell HD is a close competitor to the Ring Video Doorbell Pro as it features almost the same features at almost the same price (approx. $200). This product is not among the best-selling products but it has a bunch of good customer reviews but not as many as the Ring Pro. A friend of mine uses this doorbell at his house and he gave me the opportunity interact with it.

A review of the SkyBell HD video doorbell
Skybell HD Video Doorbell

This doorbell is quite easy to install and it took my friend just 3 minutes to accomplish the task by replacing the existing doorbell.The SkyBell HD true to its name comes with a 1080p video camera which offers an on demand live streaming of videos. It has a wider field of view (180 degrees) as compared to the Ring Pro due to its creative circular design with minimal obstructions. Additionally, the camera features 5x zoom capability. That combination of viewing angle and resolution make it ideal for monitoring the front yard.

Skybell HD doorbell cameras include COLOR night vision at 1080p using LED technology.

Video doorbell reviews revealed that the Skybell HD also includes motion detection. In the settings of your Skybell App, you can get motion sensing alerts straight to your iPhone or Android phone, so even if your visitor doesn’t press the doorbell, you’ll know someone is at your front door. You can then open the app and check the live video feed to see who is there.

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For the video storage, here is another great feature offered by Skybell. Free 7 days of video storage. You can download your videos and keep them to rewatch again at any time. However, 7 days is quite limited as compared to Ring’s six month’s program though they offer at it a small monthly fee (3USD).

Skybell HD is also well integrated as it works with all the big programs. Works with Samsung’s Smart Things, Amazon’s Echo and Alexas, Google’s Nest, Kwikset, Honeywell, and others! It also has its own IFTTT (If This Then That) channel. The device also works well with the already installed chimes. It offers a silent mode option where you can switch of the indoor chimes so that you baby can sleep without disturbances.

Checking on its responsiveness and straightforward app interface and it shows up as a leading wireless video doorbell. The SkyBell HD Wi-Fi Video Doorbell is definitely worth consideration, especially if you aren’t sold on Ring Video Doorbell Pro.

The disadvantage of the SkyBell HD is that its sound quality is not as good as the Ring Pro as it does not offer noise cancellation. This make it hard to communicate with visitors during some conditions such as strong winds. You can’t see a small package left directly under the doorbell, but you can see a 3-foot-tall child who is ringing the bell, and the camera allows you to easily see people approaching or hanging around the door.

3. Zmodo Greet WiFi Video Doorbell

Zmodo Greet Wifi Video doorbell reviews
Zmodo Greet Wifi Video Doorbell

This is our next top pick in this video doorbell reviews and a best-selling device in its category. This pick was mainly based on hundreds (approximately 400) of positive customer reviews. It is rated 3.8 out of 5 stars. The Zmodo Greet Smart WiFi Video Doorbell comes with a Zmodo Beam Smart Home Hub and WiFi Extender. The reason a significant number of people went for Zmodo is due to its enticing price which is lower as compared to the other smart video doorbells. It retails at half the price (around $120) of Ring Pro or Skybell HD yet its performance has been found to be quite average.

Check the Price of Zmodo Greet on AMAZON

With this Zmodo Greet doorbell you will be able to answer the door from any place in the world. You will also see and speak to people standing at your entrance using your smartphone. It also offers an On-Demand video live feed even if nobody has rang the doorbell. Another unique thing I found about this doorbell is that you can Record and set a voice message for your visitors when you don’t want to or can’t answer a call. This is plus for people who don’t want to be disturbed or away from home.

It is easy to set up Easy setup – use existing wiring for quick installation and easily connect the Greet to your WiFi using the free mobile app. It connects to the current chime which rings when the Zmodo doorbell is pressed. When we buy pricier devices, we always try to go for products that look attractive and beautiful. Definitely, no one wants to purchase an ugly doorbell. Well, Zmodo Greet looks fairly nice and does not scare away visitors.

How about its battery life?

Zmodo does not come with a battery due to its compact size and it must be wired for power. It works with your existing doorbell wiring as long as it is 16-32VAC.

Zmodo also offers a 720 HD video which is lower as compared to 1080p for the topmost models. Several customers were hesitant if the doorbell will deliver a clear video and yes it does. You can see who’s in your door, you can talk to them while they are in the front door or you can pretend you are home even if you are not because you will receive a notification in your phone every time someone presses the Zmodo doorbell. People like it.

Video doorbell reviews shows that the recorded videos are accessed for free for one day but disappear the following day. This means that if you need to view a video in future you have to save it in your phone’s memory or a personal computer. Zmodo does not offer a cloud storage option but it has promised to do so in the near future.

The Zmodo also offers a relatively wide-angle lens (155°) gives you a clear view of your entire space. Video doorbell reviews  has revealed that the field of view is smaller as compared to Ring and Skybell HD. Slide your finger over the live view screen to pan the video feed left or right. Smart motion detection ensures that you will receive an alert and a 30 seconds recorded video clip whenever it detects motion at your front door.

Zmodo Greet Wifi video doorbell features
Greet WIFI Video Doorbell

Zmodo also offers Smarter Night Vision as it has an enhanced night-vision sensor and adjustable sensitivity, you can monitor your home clearly even in a dim environment. Simply just deactivate the IR lights to disable the black and white night mode or lower their sensitivity so that the night mode is triggered less easily.

A customer (Mark) I interviewed stated that installing Zmodo was quite easy. It took her about 10 minutes to remove the old button doorbell and replace it with the Zmodo Greet. Pressed the button and the mechanical chime rang in the house. They went ahead to set their iPhone to the WIFI network to be used by the Greet. Mark had several options, both 5G and 2.4G, and he temporarily set the iPhone to the 2.4G network. For the initial setting you need your phone to be on the same 2.4G network as the Zmodo. After the initial setting you can switch back to your favorite WIFI access point/router.

Away from home but the Zmodo Greet will air a live video feed to you.
Zmodo Greet Video Doorbell live video feed from the office

Adding the Zmodo video doorbell to the Greet account was relatively easy and took the customer just a few seconds. They then switched their phone back to the 5G WIFI. Rang the bell and everything worked as expected, the mechanical chime rang, the Greet chime rang, and the phone rang to show that someone pressed the doorbell. Soo cool.

The few disadvantages noticed by a significant number of customers include the issue that when most people ring the doorbell are very close to it. This makes it hard to see the whole person. This is a shortcoming with most video doorbells.

A customer (Larry) tested the Zmodo Smart WiFi Video Doorbell on an Android device and one thing was conspicuous. The sound was quite low despite adjusting the phone’s volume to hear the visitor. This is likely to be an issue with the Android device since when using the website the sound is quite clear.

Zmodo was also found to operate below 16VAC, precisely at 15.46v, unlike Ring Pro Doorbell which requires minimum of 16VAC.This means that it is highly advisable to measure the voltage of the power supply of your existing old doorbell before making a purchase. Zmodo does not require modifying and tapping into the mechanical chime.

A customer (Liam) who had used Zmodo for 1 month reported that sometimes they got late notifications on their phones. At one instance, Liam’s IPhone received a ring alert after a USPS delivery guy was already back to his car. This is about a half a minute late or after the doorbell was pressed.

The Zmodo also has an issue with motion alerts where sometimes it captures pictures after detecting movement but does not alert the user. The user will only notice the captured images upon checking the Zmodo app on their phone. The motion alerts reliability is about 83%. There is also no means of limiting the motion detection area like the SKYBELL HD and if your house is very close to the road the camera is likely to captures cars that pass by. It also has a slight delay of starting up the camera upon detecting a moving object. This means that if the moving object or person is fast you will miss them.

It has been observed that for the Zmodo Wifi Video Doorbell sometimes the ring notification on the phone maybe as late as 1.5 minutes. This may be due to slow Zmodo’s servers which process the interactions between the doorbell and the phone notification. We just hope they will be updated soon.

Generally, I will be sincere, based on my video doorbell reviews the Zmodo Wifi Video Doorbell is an average doorbell with camera that is most suitable for people working with a tight budget but won’t mind the few shortcomings. Nevertheless, it works fairly well.

Another very promising video doorbell is the VueBell WIFI HD Camera Video Doorbell. It has an outstanding look and camera. Check out our detailed vuebell review here.

Stick a video doorbell on your front door, be safe, be comfortable.