Best Selfie Drones in the World

Selfie drones are small and lightweight quadcopters that can be carried in one’s pocket or backpack. They can be used to take clear photos and videos. The best selfie drones usually have foldable rotors.They are also controlled using a tablet or a smartphone to avoid the use of a bulky joystick controller. The best selfie drones in the world are easy to fly and suitable for newbie pilots who just want a perfect shot without getting worried about lift, yaw, and thrust control. The majority of the best drones are autonomous which means that they can fly on their own with minimal human supervision under predetermined patterns. A good selfie drone can be set by a user to focus on their faces, follow them from behind, or just do a flyby.

After analysing tens of selfie drones we came up with the following independent listing of the best selfie drones in the world in 2017.

  1. DJI Mavic Pro

The best selfie drone in the world is the DJI Mavic ProThis DJI drone is a must have drone for those people who want to take the best shot.  The DJI Mavic Pro selfie drone offers cutting edge features which enables a user to take the perfect shot with minimal effort. The Mavic is a selfie drone meant for both professionals and amateurs. It is compact (just 1.6 pounds) and relatively easy to transport after folding to the size of a 500 mL bottle. The selfie drone comes with a 13 MP camera classified as C4K for taking clear photos and 4K high resolution videos.  The DJI Mavic Pro drone can fly for up to 27 minutes and can be controlled at a distance of 6 miles.

The large control distance enables a user to send the drone to the ocean or other extensive waters while remaining at the safety of the dry land. This particular selfie drone has an imbedded autonomous flight modes as well as top tech Gesture mode which makes it very easy to capture selfies. This means that the drone can be initiated by doing several hand gestures such as tapping, clicking the fingers among others.  The drone’s top flying speed is 64kmh (40mph). The high speed is very ideal for capturing fat moving objects such as a person perched on a motorbike.  However, the drone is a bit costly and its price. Check its  price on Amazon.  This price is worth the unlimited features offered by this top tech selfie drone with camera. Research has shown that DJI drones are well built and mostly leave the consumers mesmerized.

2. ZeroTech Dobby Drone

The second in the list of best selfie drones in the world is ZeroTech Dobby Mini Selfie Pocket Drone. This is a significantly small (199 grams) selfie quadcopter which was the first foldable selfie drone in the market which has seen numerous improvements since its first model was launched. The drone can fit in a user’s pocket. This second best selfie drone has outstanding features which include a 13 MP HD camera which shoots stills at a resolution of 4K and produces 1080p HD videos. However, the quality of the pictures and videos is lower than that of DJI Mavic selfie drone.

The ZeroTech Dobby is meant for average users where its control is pretty simple either using hand gestures or an app installed in one’s smartphone. Tapping it 3 times gets the drone flying something that feels like one is acting a scene in Star Wars. The selfie drone has a range of 100 meters, a flying time of 9 minutes at a speed of 25 MPH (40 KMH). On the plus side, the drone is relatively cheap.

3. Yuneec YUNFCAUS Breeze drone

Third on our best selfie drone in the world listing is the Yuneec Breeze selfie drone. The Breeze selfie drone is a relatively small nonfoldable selfie drone. The selfie quadcopter does not require any flying experience to capture great aerial pictures and videos as it offers 5 autonomous flight modes which include Selfie, Orbit, Pilot, Follow Me and Journey. It offers Breeze Cam App for Android and Ios which make it easy to save and share photos and videos on social media.  Its propellers has protectors which reduces instances of harm or damage to the blades during collision.

The Breeze drone comes with a 13 MP HD camera, which has the 4K resolution capability to take still photos and also sold with the Xtreme VR Vue Virtual Reality headset which offers a user FPV experience when they use it with their smartphone. It has return-to-home and auto-landing capabilities. The selfie drone flying time is 12 minutes, at a speed of 25 mph (40kph) and flying range of 100 meters. The selfie drone is cheaper than DJI Mavic Pro and Yuneec Breeze. Actually, this is one of the most affordable selfie drone with a camera.

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